View Full Version : ÉIRE - Ireland 1987 - Johnny Logan - Hold Me Now

14th January 2010, 03:27



14th January 2010, 03:29
This was of course Johnny Logan's record breaking second win as a performer, and he'd go on to add another win in 1992 when he wrote the winning entry for Ireland with "Why Me" performed by Linda Martin. He's still around in an ESC form, from being a judge in Belgium's 2006 national final to entering songs in the Dutch national final in both 2004 and 2005, RTÉ was even in talks with him to represent Ireland or at least write a song as recently as 2009.

Personally I don't like his 1980 winner and his 1992 one is ok, but I really like this one!

14th January 2010, 14:48
I dont think Ireland even deserved top 3 that year- Portugal should have won!

14th January 2010, 18:05
Both of his two songs hardly make my top 10 (this one is probably higher because of the weak year), his 1992 entry was better. The best one is 1984 (again Linda Martin) and it came 2nd, LOL! :lol:

14th January 2010, 19:28
His best ESC song by far. Very high on my "all time favorite ESC songs" as well :D A deserved victory, and a true classic.

27th January 2010, 16:08
It's a very good song,the only one by Logan that I like - but it's now tarnised by those burger commercials,and that's all I think of when I hear the song now : (

20th April 2010, 13:21
Johnny is a a true ESC-legend and his 87-entry is a big classic from the good old days:)

18th July 2010, 00:39
I still think Italy should have won that year, but Ireland was good too. :)