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8th December 2009, 22:24

8th December 2009, 22:37
Morocco took part in 1980 with the song "Bitaqat Hub" performed by Samira Ben Said, now one of the Arabophone world's most successful singers. Unfortunately at ESC she scored 7 points from the Italian jury and nothing else, provoking RTM to withdraw and vow never to return. However, a rival channel stated a few years ago that they were considering seeking EBU membership in order to return Morocco to the contest. As of December 2009, however, nothing seems to have come of this.

Morocco 1980:

9th December 2009, 13:01
It would have been nice to see more Moroccon music, since I believe this was the best of the year back in 1980. :)

27th March 2012, 23:04
If Loreen wins this year, would this encourage Morocco to come back I wonder?

28th March 2012, 12:22
If Loreen wins this year, would this encourage Morocco to come back I wonder?

Is she Moroccan?

28th March 2012, 13:20
She is Swedish of Moroccan-Berber descent with her full name Lorine Zineb Noka Talhaoui which technically makes her to have a Moroccan Citizenship of Moroccan parents.

28th March 2012, 21:03
Thanks for the info!

29th March 2012, 22:13
Is she Moroccan?

Yeah, like Charlyje said her biological parents are Moroccan, but she herself was born and raised in Sweden and grew up with a Swedish step-father.

Technically she's Swedish, ethnically Moroccan-Berber... but what counts is how she defines herself.

27th July 2012, 20:45
I remember in an Interview Loreen said she is willing to represent Morroco if the song is right.

27th July 2012, 21:04
Have you got a link to that interview?

27th July 2012, 22:53


28th July 2012, 17:29
She is being nice, that's all. Loreen may participate but will not compete in ESC again. As she is a former TV producer, she have said it would be fun to work in the technical team behind the ESC. She may very well do that in the future. :)