View Full Version : Can you believe she's only 16?

16th October 2009, 10:41

The winner of Estonian last pop idol is in that video. Can you actually believe this girl is only 16? For now she holds the record as being the youngest winner of the Idol series worldwide!

What do you think of her?

This one is even more amazing - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AESULSzccE8

17th October 2009, 11:07
What other part of the forum are you planning on posting this? :lol:

17th October 2009, 11:48
I was actually a bit confused with having this new forum... I thought the old one is "empty".

17th October 2009, 12:50
It almost is but not quite. It'll be empty as from 1st Novemeber, I believe. :)

1st December 2009, 21:17
I give you another example of young artist but talented
Dya-Stay-15 years
Can you believe she's only 15?

1st December 2009, 22:58
Wow, how do u know her? :P She is very talented, has a great voice....she has also participated at jESC 2006, representing Romania...I think she will be very famous and successful in the future :).

She is also very beautiful :D


2nd December 2009, 13:56
Of couse I know her,I'm from Romania :D
And I love her music,even if Costi Ionita is her protector :)
In 2006 she was the spider-man so I can't see her face,but I know that she sings on the stage :lol:
And she was discovered by Mihai Traistariu,who represented Romania at esc in 2006 ;)

2nd December 2009, 22:46
Oh, really? You are from Romania? :D Welcome on this forum, hope you'll like it, have a good time with us...
It is good that:
- u are a girl :D (there aren't too many girls here)
- the number of Romanians grows on the forum :D

xwoo xwelcome

P.S. What city are you from? :D Can you introduce yourself a little bit? :D :P

3rd December 2009, 14:22
Well,I'm from Piatra Neamt,the same town where Mihai Traistariu and Mihaela Radulescu grew up,I was registered on the last esctoday forum but I forgot the name :lol: ..so I made a new account and here I am...I love Eurovision ;) ...this is what I can say about me :)