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30th September 2009, 18:32

4th October 2009, 21:35
If they achieve EBU membership then they will enter, they seem very enthusiastic with it all already. The EBU seems to have indicated there won't be a problem with them entering in 2010. Their planned selection process will be modelled on 'Deutschland sucht den Superstar', and they intend to only involve people resident in Liechtenstein.

4th October 2009, 21:37
I would love to see them:d
Hopefully they will stay longer than San Marino

4th October 2009, 21:40
Does somebody know any singers from Liechtenstein?

4th October 2009, 21:44
Does somebody know any singers from Liechtenstein?

The most famous Liechtensteinian acts are metal bands Erben der Schöpfung and Elis, who use some of the same members
unfortunately the lead singer died in 2006, but they have a new one now.

4th October 2009, 21:44
I found 2:

Sabine Dusner and Al Walser

My Star
4th October 2009, 21:46
This will be interesting to see. Hopefully streams of their NF will be available if they have one :P

8th October 2009, 22:59
Liechtenstein would be awesome, but would they be prepared to host if they won :?

9th October 2009, 01:40
It would be really interesting to see Liechtenstein for the first time on the ESC!

9th October 2009, 10:18
I would love to see them as well :)

9th October 2009, 10:37
Liechtenstein would be awesome, but would they be prepared to host if they won :?
ESC has already had situations when someone won the contest and someone else had to host the show :D
I don't think that it's a problem. They can always create an open air venue, like for festivals. Not a big deal.
There's The Rheinpark stadium for 8 000 people (more if you include the field). As for technologies, more than 50% of technics is from all over the world. Money, I think it won't be a problem to find 7-8 mil. $ (not euros). They can host even with less funds.
the thing is... do they have performers who can win?

4th November 2009, 20:33
Liechtenstein will NOT participate in ESC 2010



4th November 2009, 21:26
Really sad! :cry: I at least hope some other rumours about Luxembourg and possibly Monaco returning will come true. 8-)

9th April 2010, 19:18
Apparently Liechtenstein is going to debut in 2011 as per Peter Koelbel from channel 1FLTV.
The country was unable to join the contest in 2010 due to financial reasons but there is hope next year so keep your fingers crossed.

9th April 2010, 22:00
They have to send the new application to EBU until July 31.

I hope that their 1st entry (if they apply) will be their native performer(s), not someone borrowed from Germany.
Imho if Liechtenstein applies Austria can come back too (change the head of broadcaster, gawd dammed! :lol: ).

9th April 2010, 22:03
Liechtenstein has a population of $36,000. It's going to be hard to find Liechtensteinis (what's the proper word??) talent but you never know.

9th April 2010, 22:09
^ I don't want it to be constant Germany's 2nd "airport" ;) Though I don't mind to see German (and not only German) performers representing Liechtenstein.
They wanted to use current German system (reality show) for their possible 2010 entry so I guess it will be oriented mainly at their local citizens (unless someone from abroad decides to apply).

10th April 2010, 00:05
Too bad it'll be in German/English but if they debut only the Vatican will be left from Europe. Just a few days ago I was imagining what would happen if Slovakia should win. I believe every country will return. Come to think of it, Liechtenstein doesn't recognise Slovakia and vice versa. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

10th April 2010, 07:54
It would be nice to see Liechtenstein.
It can (re)open the door for Austria, Italia and San Marino

20th January 2011, 17:37
I don't get why EBU rejected their application to the ESC ???