View Full Version : American Song Contest to launch in 2021/2022

15th May 2019, 13:04
Rumours were floating around the last couple of days, but it has been confirmed now. Didn't know what subforum would be appropriate for this :lol:



15th May 2019, 13:36
It’s gonna flop

15th May 2019, 15:08
We get enough American music wherever we turn. I don't think yet another new contest is going to work. ;)

15th May 2019, 15:22
I think i'm gonna like it (see what I did here), more "eurovision" is like heaven to me and having the 50 states competing in an annual show like eurovision could be fun. Saying that all 50 states are just "american" would be wrong, there are dialects and flavors (mexican influence in the west states, country music, louisiane and the french language, hawaii or alaska). And to be honest, even if eurovision will always be more different a lot of songs are "radio-friendly americanized" today and that doesn't prevent us to have many different "americanized songs".

I mean why not, Eurovision will always be the best, having a side contest like the junior one is just bonus for us.

15th May 2019, 15:27
I think this could work in its own way.

My worry is that it'll be too "Americanised", too much flash, too much shouting, reality type television. I'm visualising a weird Super Bowl type event :lol:

Having said that, it has potential to be fun, but I think it'll be too X Factor. They won't be able to replicate the novelty and 'spirit' of Eurovision.

15th May 2019, 16:16
I would prefer to watch Eurovision Asia.

15th May 2019, 16:24
Is it actually happening? And if so, is it referring to a competition between 50 states, or a compettiion between the countries fo the two America continents?

Either way, I'd be excited to see it if it's a competition between 50 states. My worry is that they'll have a bunch of clips between songs with "human story" and artist background and all that sentimental and drama crap they love to insert into all the othe reality tv. I couldn't watch that. Even worse, I would worry that this format would eventually spread to Eurovision as well.

15th May 2019, 17:39
I think it would be good for Hawaiian, Native American and non-US language entries. I would be even more excited to see a Bundesvision-style contest for the UK though, either just have regions or have a massive competition with counties of England,Wales,Scotland and Northern Ireland!

15th May 2019, 21:53
Not really too fond of the idea

16th May 2019, 01:58
if it is america THE CONTINENT i would be fine with it because I COULD VOTE

21st May 2019, 02:36
Can just see it now:

Two hour programs that only showcase 10 songs.
Commercial breaks of 5+ minutes in between each.
Each postcard will be a video clip package of each contestant, but they will all be sob stories to garner votes.
All of the white guys with guitars will qualify.

It won't be good TV haha for any ESC fan haha. Maybe the EBU will have more influence on it to make the show more "Eurovision-y" but won't hold my breath. Could be fun or could be a massive trainwreck that flops in only one year of doing it <3

21st May 2019, 02:55
between turkvizyon and eurovision asia, i will only believe it when i see it. now i have three contests to expect to never happen!

21st May 2019, 15:15
Why not? It won't be the same as the Eurovision Song Contest. It's uncomparable forever. The spirit is simply different. I expect it to be another extended American idol. It will be complete different. I don't think it would flop. Sure people are interested first and second time but maybe lose interest then, unlike the ESC. I think it's another dream of Björkman to make himself a name everywhere but let him do this. Won't harm anyone. Give it a chance. Once again, I would surely watch it but I can't imagine having the same feeling as in ESC.

21st May 2019, 21:48
I'm out of the loop here but what happened to Eurovision Asia? Seems like its just faded away...

22nd May 2019, 04:32
As much as I like to fantasize about this idea working out, I don't think my fellow Americans would be able to take it with the necessary grain of salt. A lot of people would get butthurt if their state doesn't place well and would boo every time points are handed out to another state. This will be even worse if all or most of the 50 states participate because then we would need at least two semi-finals and people would throw a hissy-fit over their state not qualifying. Also, as many people have already pointed out in this thread, the actual viewing experience would probably be riddled with contestant sob stories and numerous commercials for prescription medication.

That being said, if this idea goes through, I am committed to try and represent Virginia xcheer

22nd May 2019, 21:08
I am still waiting for Asiavision/eurovision asia to be honest.