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1st April 2018, 13:22
Eurovision's main struggle is that compared to its popularity and the fact that it's the biggest annual entertainment/music show on earth, outside of its bubble it's often looked down at as musically irrelevant due to often being behind the times and being unable to produce any cross-over hits from the contest. Now this thread is NOT about discussing that topic, but what entries, if any, do you think would stand a chance to become hits (atleast minor in more than their own countries) after the contest? What entries have the potential to "survive" outside of the ESC bubble this year?

Imo, the entries that (given the right marketing after and impact on the show as swell) that could stand a chance to cross-over would be:

::il <- This is already going viral and it is a well produced, contemporary and catchy tune yet different than most songs out there, it manages to, in an innovative way, mixing local ethnical sounds, modern Pop-Dance beats with just the right amount of quirkiness to make it memorable yet accessible outside of its borders and ESC bubble. It's been 20 years since Dana International won for Israel, and back then "Diva" became one of the few ESC entries of the 90's to manage to become a cross-over hit with a similar recepy: contemporary and catchy enough to be picked up by radio programmers and clubs around Europe, yet different with its own personality and sound to stand out and make an impact.

::cy <- This already sounds like a finished product ready to be shipped to radios and clubs around Europe and maybe even across the Atlantic, just like with Israel it combines ethnical rhythms with contemporary R&B-Dance-Pop (this time without the quirkiness), a well produced and catchy tune that isn't too far from what Major Lazer could come up with. Sonically, it's not something you'd be surprised by if it came from Dua Lipa or Camila Cabello, two singers that were ruling the airways back in 2017. This truly has the hit factor this year and sounds like a bonafire summer hit.

::fr <- Now entries in any other languages than English do struggle outside of ESC, that's true, but with Spanish being on the rise and a Europe where Brexit has lead to a re-evaluation of what Europe is and what countries are to "lead" it, it wouldn't surprise me if French would have a slight cultural revival and it already belongs to those languages that, a part from English, every know and then manage to sneak in a hit song or two. This song is radio friendly, while it might not be the "bop" the previous two are, it still could do pretty well and depending on its result in ESC, I could see some radios around Europe picking this up.

::se <- I'm personally not a big fan of this song, take away the effective stage show and the song is pretty meh, but nonetheless it's current sounding in its attempt to be a softer and poppier version of The Weeknd, and while not being original due to the fact that it's trying to more or less be a copycat, that's not relevant here as "originality" is hard to achieve regardless, and if Sweden manages to get another good result, they could build on that momentum just like previous years and backed up by the Swedish Pop music machinery and label politics, Sweden could easily get their song on some European airwaves just like they managed to the previous years.

... now entries that on paper sound radio friendly, but I doubt will have a life after ESC for various reasons (either being from countries that don't have the international record label machinery backing them up for international release, or they aren't current enough or lack in production, or most importantly lack the personality to stand out and make some viral impact after ESC, or a combination of all) : ::mk , ::at , ::cz , ::pl, ::au

1st April 2018, 13:37
::lt It has a similar Style like Adele somehow and I can imagine this having a sustainable Success.

::de Not that I celebrate it enormly, but somehow this Song is very popular among Fans. Especially American Eurofans seem to like it. And I think its very Radiofriendly.

::au It has Radio- and chartfriendly written all over it.

::at Very Modern, very chart- and Radiofriendly. Interesting Singer who has Careerpotential.

Of Course ::se and ::cy as well.

1st April 2018, 13:45
::mk it is very radio-freidnly
::se it will probably be played on polish radios, all 3 swedish entries since 2015 have been played here a lot
::be could get some airplay too, I guess
::cz it could do 'Kachi", I don't know why but I thought about this song

people keep saying our song, ::pl, is dated but I can't see how, it's the same level as 'Fall Falls Down' or Marshmallow hits

1st April 2018, 20:24
Agree with every single country you guy mentioned, I would add Bulgaria as well. It is current, good and very radio friendly.

1st April 2018, 20:32
None :lol: at least international wise

1st April 2018, 20:34
Bulgaria definitely, the most modern and the best-produced song this year, 2nd year in a row actually.

2nd April 2018, 00:30
None :lol: at least international wise

That's usually the case with Eurovision unfortunately, but now we're thinking more on a European level and in some markets, not necessarily all European markets, and definitely not outside of Europe either (although it would be cool if it could happen).

But let's be honest, Europe is a continent of 500+ million people, a hit in even half of the continent is international and success enough and for a contest that is pan-European and draws around 200 million viewers each year, it shouldn't have to be miracle to have a hit in Europe at least no?

2nd April 2018, 00:37
::se and that's all.

Can't see Israel in radios.

2nd April 2018, 20:02
I can't see anything charting well this year, unless Israel or Germany really take off.

3rd April 2018, 12:01

3rd April 2018, 12:34
::ro is a timeless Retro-RockBallad which can be played at Radios even in 50-100 years, like many Songs of the 80s that are still played in the Radios here.

3rd April 2018, 13:09
Hm. That is a hard question. Even though I am not a fan of these songs, I could imagine France, Australia, Germany, Sweden, Austria and Belgium have at least some potential to become hits. They are radiofriendly in some way.

3rd April 2018, 16:19
I can only see ::de actually, it has a "What Are Words" vibe that should be playable in some of the western countries. Perhaps ::se, cause it has a classic and modern pop sound at the same time. ::il will be the one that will be remembered after the contest and will be a youtube sensation (already is), but not necessarily an "hit". ::cz could be, but I doubt it will go past central Europe though, here in Sweden in particular we are often very anti towards songs from different countries than Sweden, UK or USA.

3rd April 2018, 17:52
Agree with every single country you guy mentioned, I would add Bulgaria as well. It is current, good and very radio friendly.

Bulgaria definitely, the most modern and the best-produced song this year, 2nd year in a row actually.

The thing with Bulgaria, while it's undoubtedly well produced and one of the most current sounding songs in the context, I doubt it'll do any wonders after the contest if they aren't backed up by an international label ready to promote, because past Bulgarian entries were even "more" radio friendly I'd say, but it didn't help them.