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12th March 2018, 02:59
with lithuania's national 87 years long nightmare over and ieva's ode to fursonas "when we're owled" crowned, the NF season has ended. it was a pretty great year for NFs, so i want to know your favorites and obnxiously inform you of mine.



obviously. that romania rejected this work of art and ultimate statement in empowerment, gifted to us in THREE different languages, in favour of that [404 error: not found] of an entry instead is the biggest NF crime of the decade because, like, at least when sandra nurmsalu got robbed in 2014 we still had a good entry from estonia. but alas. feli will have her revenge. #bucharest2020



in my immense, infinite, everlasting emotional investment in la forza, i barely even registered the other songs in eesti laul until the final, but it was a nice year for eesti laul. not 2015 nice, but still solid. and this one was the best of the non-la forza ones, giving a masterclass to all of europe on how to sound modern while still being engaging and not generic (WRITE, SWEDEN). truly tragic that it had to exist at the same time as elina. they couldn't have known. also the vocalist is cutecutecute call me.

3- ::sl - BQL - PTICA (PROMISE)


the world is so unjust. some countries have so many, some countries have so little. in this context, the object of the phrase is "juries willing to enable fangirls". slovenia just won't allow bql to take every european str8 girl and gay boy by storm with their incredible current-but-not-terrible repertoire. heart of gold absolutely should have won EMA last year, and i love my darling faerie lea sirk but ptica is still the better song. and i don't even know if bql get their due next year because hello raiven needs hers too. rough. also the older brother is super attractive CALL ME TOO



in the worst ever year for melfest where literally everything else was at best a mess (and everything was geoblocked in brazil, JERKS), jessica came through for us reminding us that melfest's many qualities are not dead yet: unapologetic fun, predictable but banging song, incredible amounts of gay screaming, and a metric ton of backing vocal help because ain't nobody gonna actually sing in sweden. in the dark, a flame is burning. (but like not that much because she finished last in the televote :/)



tayanna was chosen as the video because she was the board's favourite, but seriously, vidbir 2018 just stomped all over the other NFs with platform shoes. i loved so many of the finalists that they couldn't even steal my heart as much as the four above because they competed with each other. tayanna, kadnay, vilna, the erised: you all deserved eurovision as much as melovin (who earned it too even if he was my #5). ukraine gives so damn much for eurovision and people don't even appreciate it. smh.



for the third year in a row, i had a mgp favourite that was never winning in a million years but i was still so glad simply that it existed. in 2016 it was laika by the hungry hearts, last year it was mesterverk by amina, and this year it was this drunk mess with hilariously terrible lyrics that i cherish so dearly. norway doesn't deserve the finalists they have sometimes.

10- ::lv - MADARA - ESAMIBA


while i am now overjoyed that my homegirl laura won and is representing us in eurovision, when supernova was on my allegiance lied with madara. this song tskes me to my peaceful place, and normally my peaceful place is a small island surrounded by a sea of darkness that i can only access with teleportation. who knew latvia had it in them to churn out amazing songs year in and year out?

11- ::am - ASMIK - YOU AND I


ignore her nervous performance and just realize that eurovision has never been this close to having a carly rae jepsen song on its stage. i can totałly imagine carly doing this and it's glorious. huge missed opportunity here, armenia. #buyemotiononitunes

i also enjoyed these ones

::am - kamil show - puerto rico
::am - tamar "most bitter person currently living" kaprelian - poison (ari ari)
::pl - ifi ude - love is stronger
::fr - emmy - ok ou ko
::de - voxxclub - i mog di so
::fi - saara aalto - queens
::ee - indrek - tempel
::ro - jukebox and bella santiago - auzi cum bate

i also forgot a bunch probably. i didn't even attempt to dissect 1in360 lmao. please post your opinions too!!

12th March 2018, 03:12
Serena - Safari from ::ro


Unfortunately a trainwreck Live.

Ana Guerra - El Remedio from ::es


This is what Europe wants to hear from Spain.

Tamas Horvath - Meggyfa from ::hu


Feli - Buna de Iubit from ::ro


Jukebox feat. Bella Santiago from ::ro


Please let Romania qualify against all Opinions. This Final was so strong.

DJ Niko Bravo feat. Biber - Svatovi from ::rs


Malo - Ciao from ::fr


France could have won with him.

Lavinia Rusu - Altundeva from ::md


Sannie - Boys on Girls from ::dk


Amaliya Margaryan - Waiting for the Sun from ::am


Maybe Ill add some in the Future.

12th March 2018, 14:36
Tamar Kaprelian - Poison (Ari Ari).

Need I say any more?

12th March 2018, 14:44
To be fair there's some songs I still keep on my playlist from this NF season.

This Time - Markus Riva
What I Had With You - Ed Rallidae
1000 Roses - Monta
Running Red Lights - Katrine Lukins

Broken Shadows - Greta Zazza

Lelya - Tayanna
Beat Of The Universe - Kadnay

Back To Life - Eleanor Cassar

You - Jaz Ellington

Poison - Tamar Kaprelian

Unfound - Lasse Meling
Holder Fast I Ingeting - Rikke Ganer Tolsoe

Every Single Day - Felix Sandman
Patrick Swayze - Sigrid Bernson
A Bitter Lullaby - Martin Almgren
Cry - Dotter

Talk To The Hand - Aleksander Walmann
Scandilove - Ida Maria
Light Me Up - Nicoline

I Let You Run Away - YesYes

House On Fire - Ivy Quainoo

Thousand Words - Sibyl Vane
Home - Stig Rasta
Laura - Vaje

Once Upon A Time - Aaron Sibley and Sandy C

Gold Digger - Aron Hannes

12th March 2018, 15:12
::pt Joana Barra Vaz - Anda Estragar-me Os Planos xlove xlove


::pt Catarina Miranda - Para Sorrir Eu Năo Preciso De Nada xlove


::dk Albin Fredy - Music for the Road xheat xgay2xbutt


12th March 2018, 18:28
::se Mimi Werner - Songburning / Renaida - All the Feels

13th March 2018, 10:58

13th March 2018, 11:27
Norway: Moren Din, Who we are, Stop the music, You got me
Albania: Piedestal, E dua botën, Ra një yll
Ukraine: Lelya
U.K.: Legends, You, Astronaut
Hungary: I let you run away, Zöld a május, Azt mondtad, Satellites, Kirakat élet
Lithuania: Yes, I do
Malta: Heart of gold
France: OK ou KO, Lisboa Jerusalem, Ręves de gamin, Paradis
Italy: Frida (mai,mai,mai), Una vita in vacanza, Il mondo prima di te
Estonia: Laura (Walk with me), Külm, Home
Germany: My own way, I mog di so, You and I
Romania: Walking on water, Auzi cum bate
Armenia: Poison (Ari Ari), I'm a liar, You & I
Sweden: Shuffla, Every single day, Party voice, For you
Iceland: Í stormi
Latvia: Esamiba, Younger days, This time
Poland: Nie chcę ciebie mniej
Denmark: Music for the road
San Marino: Out of the twilight
Finland: Queens, Domino
Serbia: Svatovi, Ruža sudbine, Samo nek se okreće

15th March 2018, 23:31
How strange I should stumble upon this thread this evening. I'm in the process of planning an ESC United website countdown of the most popular national final entries from this year so if you have any top 10s with little reviews could you also send them through to me? More info coming soon... :)

16th March 2018, 01:06
How strange I should stumble upon this thread this evening. I'm in the process of planning an ESC United website countdown of the most popular national final entries from this year so if you have any top 10s with little reviews could you also send them through to me? More info coming soon... :)
you are free to use mine if you consider them not trash!

16th March 2018, 03:54
Here's my top 10 NF list, feel free to use Sean ^^

::12 ::it Annalisa - Il mondo prima di te (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZGGmO9dXxs)
::10 ::lt Kotryna Juodzevičiūtė - That Girl (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bhd1W5TWORY)
::8 ::ua Dilemma - На паті (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AibgMPI_XK0)
::7 ::se LIAMOO - Last Breath (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9GYmsuj_gIc)
::6 ::es Aitana Ocańa & Ana Guerra - Lo Malo (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yLHlaqLZy2Y)
::5 ::it Lo Stato Sociale - Una Vita In Vacanza (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eUZdR0G20Qs)
::4 ::se Margaret - In My Cabana (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pDGbBTDlKL4)
::3 ::hu Knoll Gabi - Nobody To Die For (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZcR-t5ZTDGc)
::2 ::no Stella Mwangi & Alexandra Rotan - You Got Me (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lgLxs6mFjDQ)
::1 ::am Kamil Show - Puerto Rico (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UFYIeFIGCIA)

Also shoutout to
::se Mendez - Everyday (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bf2ZOQYmVKQ)
::lt Saulės kliošas - Įkvėpk ir Nepaleisk (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t0NQf3WSx3Q)
::by Shuma - Хмаркi (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dMOd022DJCU)

16th March 2018, 04:33
Those 8 million embedded videos, almost making my laptop suffer a slow and painful death as it tried to handle loading the pagexheart Anyway, here's my top 10.

::12 ::lt Silvija Pankūnaitė ir GeraiGerai - More Than You Know
::10 ::lt Joyce - Breath
::8 ::lt Paula - 1 2 3 (the original version of it before she ruined it)
::7 ::al Manjola Nallbani - I njejti qiell
::6 ::pt Catarina Miranda - Para Sorrir Eu Năo Preciso de Nada
::5 ::it Le Vibrazioni — Cosě sbagliato
::4 ::ua Tayanna — Леля
::3 ::lt Kotryna Juodzevičiūtė -That Girl
::2 ::al Luiz Ejlli & Rezarta Smaja - Ra një yll
::1 ::sm Irol feat. Jessika - Stuck without me

Honourable mentions

::no Aleksander Walmann - Talk To The Hand
::de Ivy Quainoo - House On Fire
::pt Joana Barra Vaz - Anda estragar-me os planos
::ro Diana Brătan- Paint It Rainbow
::es Amaia - Al Cantar
::se Olivia Eliasson - Never Learn
::ua The Erised - Heroes

Any of my top 10 would be my number 1 entry of 2018 if they went to Eurovision, so yeah, pretty much an abysmal NF season for me in terms of results.

16th March 2018, 04:45
@Kajus Henderis

That Lithuanian slayage xfaint


10 + 3 = 13
13 > 12
=Kotryna ESC United NF winner confirmed. 8-)

16th March 2018, 06:43
2016 Catrinah
2018 Kotryna
2020 Catrinah/Kotryna duet?

18th March 2018, 02:19
with lithuania's national 87 years long nightmare over and ieva's ode to fursonas "when we're owled" crowned

oh my goooooooddddddddd :lol:

Never had a big investment in any other year's NFs as much as this one's, and it for sure left my damn heart broken when these three failed to win:

::de Xavier Darcy - Jonah


Haven't heard it before until the NF night before the NF, it was just my #1 and when the performance hit, it just blasted me away with its passionate energy and light and positivity. The whole of it left me shook and rooting for its victory so damn much. So after the USFL ended I did feel a little sourmouthed for Xavier... but happy for Michael... but still sour about Xavier not going... god dammit this guy gave you some true positive indie rock and you guys went all the way through just to distinguish it. I can say I have let go of this but will never be over it loss.

::lv Sudden Lights - Just Fine


Took me some time to develop a bond to it that would be truly, truly unbreakable. I kind of let its failure go after it didn't qualify in semi 1 (especially with Liene winning the semi out of nowhere even if many Latvians hated her song as I assume (excuse my poor understandings of Latvian if this ain't the truth) but then the wildcard happened and oh my my my, it suddenly got a chance again. Though I didn't even want to include it in my triforce of lost hopes up until MADARA came 3rd in the NF after me thinking it'll definitely be Sudden Lights that come 3rd. That ignited a spark in me actively willing this might've overtaken Laura as well... only to that not happen. I was happy for them placing higher than expected, especially as a wildcard, but deep inside my soul there was something telling me "let's all cry for this beautiful indie slow dark ballad rock not making it onto Lisbon"... and so rumour has it that it still does just this to this day. If I had bones (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qk3vjIDuy9w) to pick with this is that the lyrics are... creative but somewhat out of place? :P As well as the song's structure. My 11-13 year old selves would've not loved it for the structure alone. Like, there's no chorus and there's one big verse building up towards the 'chorus'... which reminds me of this song (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FHWVhmLj6iU) so much that I love as equally. It's just 4 minutes of slow flow: the first verse takes probably nearly a minute to get through to the chorus, and after that there's just a couple lines before the tho-so called 'bridge', after that one here comes another chorus and an ending verse. "Just Fine" fits its feelings in only 2:31 (that is at least the shortest NF song this year, Portugal is lucky this wasn't chosen as that one would've beaten their 2:38 lenght :D) and I felt like it needed some more to leave me shivering in happiness forever for this song's mere existance. Now... I just have to let it go...

::lt The Roop - Yes, I Do


Never have I EVER rooted for a song in our NF THIS passionately. NEVER. I can assure you. Those other times in the past were just me hopping along the hypetrains of popular opinions (well not in 2017 as I had other favs than what ended up winning). This... it also took me quite a bit to get grabbed by the song (I had it #2 in the inital ranking of the heat 4 where it first appeared) but once it quite did, it was a journey to the multiple galaxies I wish I had AND hadn't discovered. I have forgiven the lead singer's awkward past as a popstar with a pseudonym (that was popular at the time in Lithuania). And I felt happy for him because he freed himself from his depression and wrote a song about it which served as a ray of sunshine to this selection message-wise. It truly sucked for it being entered in a wrong year though (then again, all of the 3 recent years were) due to the fixed winner aura coming through. No one in 2016 could beat Donny even if they tried, not anyone could stand in Fusedmarc's way either and the less I talk about Ieva the better. If anything that was benefitting from my hype is that quite many of Lithuanians supported it as well, because it was catchy and had a positive message, knowing I wasn't actually alone. That is not that type of hype where I could ride a bandwagon, I was just subjecting all entries of our NF for the first time as they appeared live and falling in love all by myself all to myself. It just truly sucks to have something to root for in a year with an obvious winner... which is mostly the case with Eurovision, heh. For the future I only wish our NF having songs that transmit similar if not the same vibes to this one, messagewise and... maybe melodywise too, as long as no one finds it too boring :P We have to send something about anti-depression one day and if we never end up doing it, I will sue. And in my grave I will sue for it too. Lithuania needs to prove they're not as suicidal as they look on paper. Come on Lithuania, I believe in you.

So yeah, March 11th 2018 clearly wasn't the best day of my life.

Honourable mentions:

::hu Leander Kills - Nem szól harang


For one did I feel excited about following the NF season is that such songs existed, were registered and participated. And this happened, and set me in a very right mood (except for the ultra metal beat at the end of the song). I heard that they aced and aced and aced... until semifinals and final happened, and people were talking about multiple different versions of this being performed live rather than the original one. It's one of those cases when you root for your fave but the more it goes on the weaker it looks in pale comparison to others but you still want it to do well. Would've been cool to have had it in Eurovision, at least for me personally, in the original version :P And this comes from an active "Viszlát nyár" defender :lol: As much as I'm fine with that winning also, I would've probably taken Leander over the boys, sorry. #controversialopinion Not to mention, they were this close to each other in the breakpoint between qualification to top 4 and nonqualification to top 4. Maybe if Leander did go to top 4, the winner would have been "Azt mondtad"...

::ua LAUD - Waiting


I only had to draw it in the last minute, really. As my next and last honourable mention. Anyways this song is just this 'sexy' and it drew me in somehow. Oh what is wrong with me, I'm a sucker for 'Human' clones performed by men, I do need Yianna Louka for help. http://www.escforum.net/img/Smileys/Animated%20smileys/twirl.gif I don't know... just... hnnnnng. At least I can still have MÉLOVIN that I ranked over him, but figured out I can still give a shoutout to LAUD eitherway.

::se Felix Sandman - Every Single Day


I would've had it in Eurovision 2018 together with "Jonah" because together with Michael Schulte I cannot help but compare the two melodically, only for the choruses. Anyway, here comes a weird policy of mine: you cannot really receive songs from certain bands and acts that well because... well, they're those acts/this act so I guess I won't bode well with them/him completely. Only 15% similar situation with the lead singer of The Roop as mentioned before (I didn't mind him as much when he was called Milano so I couldn't care less about the situation yet still be rather not over the laughs inside I had when driven to the realization of this). Basically I didn't even care about The Fooo much (and I only heard one song of theirs, "Fridays Are Forever" and it was fun but in a 1D/other similar boybands level so this is what ticked me off from them for the most part) and was even a tiny bit skeptical over their FO&O phase. And then comes an ex-bandmate to sing a ballad to his lost girlfriend. And it somehow managed to tug my heartstrings a bit. Well done, you little devil in disguise. You might as well win the Melodifestivalen 2019 with some done-to-death dance number and leave me gutted at the pattern still keeping on happening... especially with what we had from you this year. Dammit does it give me all the feels every once in a while after remembering it existed and still does. It's just... not on the same level I felt when "Bed on Fire" didn't win 5 years ago but still ;p

that's what you get when you make a little fangirl like me sad: elongated talks about my inner feels and sadness over the loss of some of these gems

you died but you were never forgotten, now rest in peace knowing you are just existing

18th March 2018, 02:20
::10 ::lt Kotryna Juodzevičiūtė - That Girl (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bhd1W5TWORY)

Lemme revoke your right of saying she served looks.

18th March 2018, 13:09
Vaje-Laura goes to the same special place with Daniel Levi-Burning Lights that were unlucky to participate in Eesti Laul editions with landsliding favourites. I love them both
Lisandro-Eva, I like Mercy too, but France could have possibly fought for victory with Eva
Mendez-Everyday, a bop, better than Despacito, the live is a lmao, but I love the studio version xheart
Felix Sandman- I first heard it in the Melodifestivalen final and the song conquered my heart straight away, would have been an excellent choice for sweden
Saara Aalto-Queens, great song tbh

18th March 2018, 13:12
here it is..i'm almost sure you'll find a few of your faves in it8-)


18th March 2018, 13:27
::lv MADARA "Esamība" xheartxheartxheart (It was my 1st classified )


How did it not win ???? SOOCT() X-OI

18th March 2018, 23:50

top 3 would be Tayannangel and Vajé (while I still like both under the ladder and la forza)

26th March 2018, 21:49

28th March 2018, 13:56
I listened to a couple of national final songs and discovered the gem that is "Talk to the hand", would have been an even better entry than Rybak's. I loved his song last year too.

28th March 2018, 15:09









29th March 2018, 00:03
I'll just start with the country that imo f*cked up the most:

::lv Any of these two could have been my #1 this year, yet you chose an entry that is currently my #30.....great

1. Sudden Lights - Just Fine


2. Madara - Esamiba


::no also screwed up pretty badly, as Rebecca would have definitely made my top 3.

3. Rebecca - Who We Are


::fr made the right decision imo, although there was so much quality that lacked out:

4. Malo - Ciao


5. June the Girl - Same (although the live performance was disappointing)


::se had a weak year with a very predictable winner, although they could have chosen a better one, which would have finally been a change of pace:

6. LIAMOO - Last Breath


::al Also made the right choice, but I would have also have loved to see:

7. Orgesa Zaimi - Ngrije Zërin


::it Would have also been very interesting to see an act like this:

8. The Kolors - Frida (Mai Mai Mai)


::de I love Michael Schulte, but this would have also been awesome!

9. Xavier Darcy - Jonah


::is I'm still salty they chose a cliché snoozefest over this hidden gem. It was literally the ONLY decent entry they had this year:

10: Borir Geir & Gyda Margret - Brosa


::ee Although not as strong as previous years, there was still plenty of quality in Eesti Laul:

11. Sibyl Vane - Thousand Words


12. Stig Rasta - Home


::hu Made the best choice, but near the end I started to warm up to Meggyfa:

13. Horváth Tamás - Megyffa


::am My biggest guilty pleasure, but thank god they did not choose it, It was god awful live :lol:

14. Asmik Shiroyan - You and I


::dk Rasmussen deserved to win, but why has everybody been hating on my girl, Anna Ritsmar. The song was good, cute and performed flawlessly.

15. Anna Ritsmar - Starlight