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2nd March 2018, 16:22
In chronological order and in GMT. I.e. the ends of NFs/announcements:

2 March
::cy - Unspecified Time
::nl - 19:00
3 March
::fi - 18:30
::ee - 18:40
::is - 22:00
::sm - 22:15
::pl - 22:20
4 March
::hr - Unspecified time
::az - 11:00
5 March
::pt - 00:30
6 March
::be - Unspecified Time
9 March
::at - 08:00
10 March
::il - Unspecified Time
::se - 21:00
::no - 21:10
11 March
::mk - Unspecified Time
::lt - 22:00
12 March
::bg - Unspecified Time
The Others
::au - Probably very soon, given that Jessica Mauboy has gone into overdrive promoting her new song, and both Dami Im and Isaiah have been retweeting support for it
::ge - No word
::ie - Assuming that we present it on the Late Late Show (because it's RTÉ), I'm guessing we'll know the full song by midnight next Friday night. They usually announce the lineup for the Late Late on Thursdays but Ryan's instagram shows that he's still in the US and the weather has made flights in and out of Ireland impossible.
::ru - Yuliya has been hyping up her performing at the Eurovision a lot on social media, with almost every instagram post having the hashtag #Eurovision2018 (in Russian). She did post a few days ago about her hard work on the song being shown "very soon" so who knows.
The Head of Delegation Meeting is going to take place on or around the 14th of March so we should know all songs by the 20th I guess, including Albania and Malta's revamps.

3rd March 2018, 08:49
11 March
::lt - 22:00 (perhaps even later)

3rd March 2018, 11:47
I am excited to hear the Songs! xbounce

3rd March 2018, 12:39
Tonight is going to be an iconic night