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2nd October 2017, 12:43
Let's see if this new country will be represented in the next edition of Eurovision !

2nd October 2017, 12:56
I am pro its independence, but I think it's too early for this topi to exsist... It's not even confirmed yet.

2nd October 2017, 16:18
I'm not surprised this thread was created by you, GRE.

2nd October 2017, 16:34
You really like to create drama don't you? :lol:
Obviously they won't get their independence in time for Eurovision 2018, and even if they do they aren't able to participate just yet

2nd October 2017, 16:46
A bit too eay for a Catalonia thread :lol:

There are several steps Catalonia will have to take before participating:
1. Actual declaration of independence
2. Join the UN, ITU
3. National broadcasters registering for EBU after gaining recognition and requirements for step 2

2nd October 2017, 17:08
You really like to create drama don't you? :lol:


2nd October 2017, 19:49
Lock pls.

2nd October 2017, 20:09
Hi Pam! :D

2nd October 2017, 20:24
Please do not open threads here. Me or Matt or one of the mods will open threads for Nations where we see fit. We will evaluate whether this thread makes sense and if we decide go move ahead, will open one accordingly. In the meantime, this one will be locked.

Thank you