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27th May 2017, 00:07
We are probably all bothered that the televotes aren't shown in the broadcast, other than as the sum of all points that each country gets. Obviously the current system works to speed up the entire voting process, but to many it might be too fast, and not detailed enough. However, even if the jury votes are presented first like they are now, there is a way to present the televote points that would still keep the lowest-to-highest order that is seen as best for entertainment value.

I can imaginen each country's points shown as 25 vertical bars from left to right, in whatever order they chose. Then each point given by each country, is shown appearing as part of the vertical bar, either just appearing or falling down from the top as in a Tetris game. Each partial point-bar is colored with the flag of the country that gave it, as well as possibly inscribed with the number of points, which of course also affects the vertical size of the point-bar.

So the entire view scrolls from bottom to top as points keep getting added to countries at a suitably fast pace, until each country recieves it last point, which is signaled by a "ding", the adding of points ceasing for a moment and the hosts exclaming: "Germany, 25th place with 2 points!" Then it moves on up, the countries who get no more points get left behind as more point-bars get stacked until there are only 2 countries left - when the 2nd place finisher gets their last point, the winner is announced.


Here is a very crude approximation, with only the first 5 columns filled out, but you should get it anyway. What do you think?

20th May 2019, 20:55
Another way to extend the televote segment would be to present the total sum of 1-points,2-points, or at least first the sum of all 1-8 points, then 10-points and finally 12-points added to all countries.