View Full Version : Favorite 2017 Nordic entry

12th March 2017, 05:19
Now that all Nordic countries have selected their entries I think is time to start choosing which is your favorite!! :D

::fi - Finland - Norma John - Blackbird
::dk - Denmark - Anja Nissen - Where I am
::se - Sweden - Robin Bengtsson - I can't go on
::no - Norway - JOWST feat. Aleksander Walmann - Grab the moment
::is - Iceland - Slava - Paper

12th March 2017, 05:39
Denmark is most definitely my fave, it's catchy and I love the gospel influences. Oooo best of luck to Anja in may. xheart

12th March 2017, 05:52
Sorry, but no polls based on geography, too many feelings get hurt so we don't allow them on this forum.