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5th June 2016, 11:53
I found this on a Spanish site about who the ESC countries would be in a high school class. It's so fun, so I wanted to translate it and share :lol:

::se Sweden
Teachers' fave, all his mates hate him, but everyone tries to imitate him.

::fi Finland
The one who is getting worse marks every year and doesn't really know why.

::uk United Kingdom
The one who goes to class just for the laugh and systematically fails. He's bothering everyone and, still, he's surprised the rest don't like him.

::li Liechtenstein
The one whose name is registered but you have never seen him. You don't even know his face.

::bg Bulgaria
The chav. You feel ashamed by her many times, but you have affection for her. She rarely says something worthy, but when she does, she nails it.

::md Moldova
The one who gets confused during the physics exam and uses all the chemistry formulas.

::it Italy
The one who feels ashamed of his group of friends because nobody like them and tries not to get involved with them to fit in the class.

::be Belgium
From the most popular one year to the loser the next one, to rule again the year after.

::ru Russia
The one who is aims for 10/10, but is stuck at 9/10. Looks like it doesn't affect him, but then he beats his parents when he's at home. Doesn't get much affection.

::by Belarus
Russia's friend in the shade of his success. Doesn't matter what he does, he always stands up for him. He's a bit weird, gets bad marks and nobody understands him when he talks.

::de Germany
A son of a rich family who has everything, his mates hit him in class. Sometimes, he has great points and makes everyone laugh.

::az Azerbaijan
The evil, super-evil one. The cheer-leaders captain. She loves schemes. She copies, steals essays, sabotages, anything to stand out. She aims for 10/10 everytime, doesn't matter who she has to trample.

::sm San Marino
He talks a lot in class and stands out. He thinks his mates laugh with him, but they're laughing at him. Azerbaijan buys things for him to get his support in class.

::mt Malta
Used to get 7/10. He was close to stand out many times and is trying hard to do it in the future. Azerbaijan also buys things for him to get his support in class.

::no Norway
The one with the worst marks. But when nobody expects anything, he's who gets the 10/10. He has the record of the best mark of the high school. Nobody knows how he does it.

::es Spain
Systematically failing every year, always getting angry and screams blaming the teachers. Nobody stands him; neither the teachers, his mates or himself.

::at Austria
The one who thinks he's hipster, but he's not. He tries to be alternative, but rarely gets the attention. Believes that not caring about anything makes him more interesting.

::lv Latvia
He's hipster but doesn't know it. Used to be ignored, he's been opening himself and showing an unique personality. Doesn't have many friends yet, but people look on their corners and feel envy.

::pl Poland
The vile one. She likes dirty games, like Azerbaijan, but not so much into schemes. She doesn't give a hit about what people thing about her, if she can take advatage, why not doing it?

::am Armenia
The dodgy one who fights with Azerbaijan after school. She is always tryng to provoke her to have fight in class and in front of everyone.

::kz Kazakhstan
A thousand years trying to join the class and the high school doesn't want to accept him. He's sure he would be one of the best. Always, in the last moment, they find a document left and say something like "oh, too bad, maybe next year".

What do you think? I think it's pretty accurate, except for Poland :lol:

5th June 2016, 14:25

5th June 2016, 15:30
So good :lol: especially about ::az, ::es, ::am and ::li

5th June 2016, 16:17
::uk one unfortunately seems to be accurate :lol:

5th June 2016, 16:30
azerbaijan as the regina george of europe is soooo accurate

and considering their recent results we are at the point where the cady heron of europe, whoever it is, is turning regina fat from eating protein bars with swedish labels (oh my god it wasn't until i typed "swedish" that i realized how accurate this really is)

5th June 2016, 23:45
Indeed, Poland is not accurate at all. However, the rest of the descriptions have a bit of truth or a lot of truth in it.

About Mean Girls: this year I thought about that movie because of Hovi Star. If someone made a remake of Mean Girls with Eurovision singers, he would have to be Damian!

6th June 2016, 12:59
Love it! But I miss ::gr and ::cy and ::fr there.

6th June 2016, 19:00
Come on, no ::ie? The seven victories and the bad results in the last years are a perfect opportunity ;P

7th June 2016, 00:45
::au Australia
The foreign exchange student who fit in almost immediately and became one of the most popular kids. Everyone appreciates what he has to say, but some others think that he shouldn't have become popular straight away.

::fr France
That one kid that everyone knew from middle school, but went under the radar, and now nobody really knows what's up with her.

::sl Slovenia
She always tries her hardest in class, but no matter how much she studies, she just can't succeed. Lately she's turned to art to alleviate her crippling depression.

7th June 2016, 01:05
Pretty accurate. Nobody noticed that Bulgaria said basically the same this year like some years ago :lol:

::pt Portugal
The diva. Thinks she's the classiest of all, but rarely proves that, if she'd ever done.

7th June 2016, 01:06
::fr France
That one kid that everyone knew from middle school, but went under the radar, and now nobody really knows what's up with her.recently she showed up to prom looking absolutely fantastic and friendly and everyone thought "wow is this really her???". she didn't win prom queen (because that went to the girl who left school the previous year after losing part of her house and came back and publicly dumped her abusive boyfriend), but still everyone hopes she stays nice and glamorous from now on.

7th June 2016, 02:27
Awesome stuff. I agree with all...except ::pl. I would say, he's someone who used to be at the end of the class, sulking, getting bad grades, complaining that the classes are unfair. People kinda liked him because he was the underdog. Then suddenly he started to do well and everyone turned on him. They think he's not getting good grades based on merit, but because he sleeps with teachers.

7th June 2016, 04:00
actually that sounds more like ::mt if you think about it: the one nobody likes to hang out with and they suspect he might sleep with teachers because he gets a lot of good grades but really he's just stuffy and kind of boring (but recently is trying to improve his style so he can finally get a girlfriend)

::pl is more like that one kid everyone had in their class that was just incredibly intelligent but was also weird as hell and regarded the entire institution of school with contempt and disdain, and so the teachers hated him and always gave him lower grades for not answering things the way they want their students to

9th June 2016, 01:13
Rumour has it that after 1273 years of not caring, their parents bribed the school.

9th June 2016, 02:46
::ro Very popular and dedicated student, but they got expelled because their parents couldn't afford the tuition fees anymore :(

::cy A student who tries hard but often fails, has lived in the shadow of their best friend for so long but recently has come into their own light and become more popular.

9th June 2016, 11:07
Bosnia and Herzegovina:

working really hard and having many 7/10 and 8/10, but always in debt because his parents are poor and went through big family problems not long time ago. That affects his behaviour because he is sometimes very serious and suddenly very crazy and happy. Mates around him love him because he is modest, but still makes good results. Misses classes time to time and collect money from private companies to support his semester.


10th June 2016, 19:53
::hr The one who never wears the same outfit more than once. This is her way of hiding that her parents are poor af. Her classmates are appalled by her unique fashion sense, which is why she only has few friends and most of them are her cousins. Her grades have finally started to improve.

11th June 2016, 13:46
It's all like the plot of Mean Girls

::se - Regina: uberbitch, rules the most popular clique in school.
::dk - Gretchen: Regina's sidekick who sometimes outshines her, but always falls flat in the end
::fi - Karen: Regina's other, well-meaning sidekick who it a bit ditzy
::au - Cady: new girl who pretends not to be part of the clique, but totally is.
::uk - Janice: jaded ex-bff Regina and betrayed by Cady. Hates everyone.
::fr - Ian: almost too gay to function

17th June 2016, 22:59
::fr - Ian: almost too gay to function

Terribly accurate.

8th July 2016, 15:53
::tr - Straight outta traditional Muslim family but has freedom since he's a boy. Listens rock and talks about it everytime, secretly is a Hadise fan though. Star of school's football team along Russia and Germany. The machoest, ratchet-est creature you'll ever meet.

::ru - Was best friend of Turkey but they had a huge fight because Turkey dated his sister Ukraine. He's an active sportsman, plays both football and basketball perfectly, not very smart though. Has a very muscular body.

::ua - Poor sister of Russia. She thinks abusive behaviour is sexy. Has huge breasts, was the "slut" of school but that gossip stopped spreading because Turkey beat everyone said Ukraine was a slut.

::de - Footballer, A+ student, handsome af, plays guitar, goes to church every Sunday but does not make it a big deal, kinda boring but look at that babyface who cares. 17 but does not have any pimples. He's like Beyonce being bff's with Kim K since he and Turkey are best friends, often with Russia joining them too.

::az - Smart sister of Turkey. Amazing chess player, great at maths and science, also beautiful and thick. Turkey hates her for wearing revealing outfits and beat Russia once because he thought Russia was trying to dangle her but really she was trying to help the dude. She has one and only thing in her mind: earning money more than her brother so he can shut the f- up. Thinks love is just a chemical reaction.

8th July 2016, 21:11

15th July 2016, 16:14
::se - Typically the kind of student, whose marks are always very good, whereas he seems not to put all of his heart into his work/studies... Moreover, he could be the one, who is hated by the most of his classmates because of his successful results over the years.

::es - The exact opposite of his friend, ::se. He works very hard in order to do quite well when he got final exams at the end of the year. However, he's usually used to getting an average mark, even though his teachers are quite grateful towards him for his devotion. This student can be considered as a great friend/mate, who is really appreciated by everyone.

::au - Newcomer one. Don't know where or when he decided to come here and study in that class, but... he's getting a lot of friends, while he's doing nothing in order to provok this. His attitude can be summed up with this famous phrase (even though I'm not sure whether this was really said by someone in this world or not.. :lol: ) : 'Busy, busy doin' nothing at all...'.

::bg // ::il - Irregular situation and results in class. This student is known to be quite successful for once, and then failing for a long period, 'till he decides to get back on work when it's kinda useful for him.

::fr - Often seen as someone who is apart from the others, but still popular among some people. We heard some gossips about this student, including those which are talking about his different tastes in regards to music or life... 'Why does he keep acting in that way? Come on... just react dude!"