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26th August 2015, 00:59
Ireland is under new management! Hopefully we'll be starting in WV53, but happy to start taking suggestions. I have an artist in mind for our first entry, but would happily switch to a NF if I have enough ideas in time! In the meantime, all welcome! :D

26th August 2015, 01:03
We have already an Ireland Greenroom thread and afaik we just use one thread for one country and don't create a new one. Just sayin :D

I wish you good luck with Ireland! Qualitywise your predecessor set a high standard, I hope you can keep it up 8-)

26th August 2015, 01:12
Ah, OK. I'll let someone who knows what they're doing merge them then! Sorry, not too au fait with how to do things like that on here! But I'll keep this open for suggestions too!