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20th April 2015, 22:46
So... I slightly blame lavieenrose for this... Basically this is based on the AMAIYYZING game "One Song to the tune of Another" from the British radio "antidote to panel games" I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/One_Song_to_the_Tune_of_Another

The idea is that you take the lyrics from one Eurovision song and suggest a different tune to which they would be sung to create something amazing/terrifying/brilliant/dodgy/all four!

So our (mine and lavieenrose's) suggestion to kick things off is "This Time" sung to the tune of "Love Injected" and this definitely falls under the category of "terrifying"...

21st April 2015, 00:04
Haha very funny idea :D It is almost impossible to sing "This time" to "Love Injected" :lol:

I made a draw and got "I Want Your Love" to the melody of "A Monster Like Me" and wow, it works if you just rearrange the words a bit! :mrgreen:

21st April 2015, 00:19
I'd suggest you to try "A Million Voices" lyrics with "Aina Mun Pit" melody, these songs are so alike anyway. :mrgreen:

21st April 2015, 00:25
Wow this was so fun, I continue to draw some songs and found out some really interesting ones :o

First I made "War For Nothing" to "Amanecer" and wow, those lyrics became like fire haha

Then I made "Black Smoke" to "A Million Voices" and you must try that, it works amazingly well! :D

Last I took "One Thing I Should Have Done" to "Beauty Never Lies", that worked well in some parts and some not. :lol:

21st April 2015, 01:00
Playing With Numbers to H Um Mar Que Nos Separa could work. Both are chill.