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12th October 2014, 22:26
Hi guys,

I would like to start a conversation about one topic that deserves to be discussed. Since the first edition, French is along with English the official language of the contest. It's mainly due to the fact it has been created by a French-speaking Swiss man and the presence of several French-speaking countries during the first editions (France of course, Belgium, Monaco, Switzerland)

However, we can see, during the latest editions, that French is less and less used. The rules are approximately translated by the hosts and for practical reasons, almost every spokesperson used English, even people from countries whose language is closer to French than English.
For the first time, in 2014, only one country used French, France itself. In 2012, San Marino spoke in French and Belgium spoke in French during the editions where the French-speaking broadcaster were in charge of the selection.

Even if France is entitled, according to the rules, to use French, it obviously leads to a lot of remarks. I could read negative and infuriated comments from foreigners (Twitter, forums, Facebook, Youtube...) and not only in English (I can fairly read short messages in other Germanic and Latin languages), but also from French people ("look at the arrogant and snobbish image we give !").
Well, I admit that Elodie Suigo, the 2014 spokesperson, wasn't diplomatic at all, she could have used a simpler vocabulary and she could have said some kind words in Danish/English. I found nice, for example, that Marine Vignes (in 2013) and Yann Renouard (2009) said some words in Swedish/English before delivering the points.

As a French, I don't understand this lack of pragmatism from the EBU. I sent them some messages they didn't replied yet.
I am proud of my language, I will defend it but why keeping it for some sentences and being the only country delivering the points in another language than the others. It's silly, French language will get a better image with a beautiful song than with all that stuff.

What is your opinion about ?
Do you think we should remove French or do you want to keep it ?

Thanks for your messages

12th October 2014, 22:43
I'd say "Let's keep French. It belongs to the tradition of the contest." in things regarding to rules and the voting system, but France's spokeperson and in general spokepersons who tend to use french, they should use english as well. It is more respectful for the rest 30+ countries who, even though they have a national language, they use english.