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15th August 2014, 22:33
HELLO AGAIN! Yeah I couldn't resist that long, so EYCC is back once again, this time shortly after the 3rd edition ended! :D Time to choose 48 new songs that will compete in two semis and a final for being the winner of this contest! The winner of last edition, Ukraine and the big 5 are prequalified, the other 42 countries will first compete in the semi and later go on to the final.

Time to start the big final! 26 songs competes for being the 4th winner of EYCC! Here are the songs:

1. ::az AZERBAIJAN 2009 – “Always” Aysel & Arash (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6VRUpOggQFs)
2. ::de GERMANY 1969 – “Primaballerina” Siw Malmqvist (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cU7GzrBYZgA)
3. ::ie IRELAND 1987 – “Hold Me Now” Johnny Logan (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZqEvppZSFPA)
4. ::sl SLOVENIA 2014 – “Round And Round” Tinkara Kovac (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CiwM1sY3u0s)
5. ::pl POLAND 1994 – ”To Nie Ja!” Edyta Gorniak (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IpCVA9XGYro)
6. ::pt PORTUGAL 2009 – ”Todos As Ruas Do Amor” Flor-De-Lis (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ktsa8jgTJXM)
7. ::lu LUXEMBOURG 1983 – “Si La Vie Est Cadeau” Corinne Hermes (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wQKw9VBwZ9k)
8. ::cy CYPRUS 2004 – “Stronger Every Minute” Lisa Andreas (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dq4RNHax5ow)
9. ::rs SERBIA 2012 – “Nije Ljubav Stvar” Zeljko Joksimovic (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R9x9VbJzaDQ)
10. ::ch SWITZERLAND 2014 – ”Hunter Of Stars” Sebalter (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DqjoM8ZlyMc)
11. ::hu HUNGARY 2007 – “Unsubstantial Blues” Magdi Rúzsa (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gmk7sgTLj2M)
12. ::es SPAIN 1995 – “Vuelvo Conmigo” Anabel Conde (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iuXnxGqADME)
13. ::yu YUGOSLAVIA 1986 – “Zeljo Moja” Doris Dragovic (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gmKw1dVqfrA)
14. ::lt LITHUANIA 2006 – ”We Are The Winners” LT UNITED (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ta55-5z_jM)
15. ::me MONTENEGRO 2014 – ”Moj Svijet” Sergej Cetkovic (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6FJtzRSKHKg)
16. ::bg BULGARIA 2007 - ”Voda” Elitsa & Stoyan (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oY-3fcvzCaY)
17. ::ua UKRAINE 2011 – ”Angel” Mika Newton (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g_xRmEkR6KE)
18. ::it ITALY 1958 – ”Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu (Volare)” Domenico Mudugno (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJbLfbrZR4U)
19. ::no NORWAY 2013 – ”I Feed You My Love” Margaret Berger (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tc6a4EV63uM)
20. ::am ARMENIA 2008 – “Qele Qele” Sirusho (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ocwd9Mr1kg4)
21. ::se SWEDEN 1996 – “Den Vilda” One More Time (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rACGE-fis_o)
22. ::fr FRANCE 2014 – “Moustache” TWIN TWIN (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vjkqciwP034)
23. ::ge GEORGIA 2010 – “Shine” Sofia Nizhadze (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2-1yBx6IQN0)
24. ::uk UNITED KINGDOM 1997 – “Love Shine A Light” Katrina & The Waves (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T5AWTifxfxE)
25. ::sm SAN MARINO 2014 – “Maybe” Valentina Monetta (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_eZNTBJ-Hyc)
26. ::md MOLDOVA 2009 – “Hora Din Moldova” Nelly Ciobanu (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5P0u1cbkwcI)

Recap: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CKOpEFiYGMI ;)

You vote in ESC-style to me by pm. You can vote for the songs that you sent yourselves. Even if you haven't entered by sending songs, you can of course still vote! Deadline is the 2nd of September, at 23 CET!
Shall we start this, shall we?! ;) IT STARTS NOW! :D

15th August 2014, 22:34
5, 9 and 25 please :D

15th August 2014, 22:41
4, 20, 33

15th August 2014, 22:52
8; 28; 39 :D

15th August 2014, 23:26
So, I pick 22, 24 and 35 :)

15th August 2014, 23:39
7, 10, 37

16th August 2014, 00:18
1,24,48 :D

16th August 2014, 00:27
1,24,48 :D
EscGeek, 24 got selected just before you, pls choose an another number! :)

16th August 2014, 00:38

16th August 2014, 01:17
15, 30, 45

16th August 2014, 04:41
3, 13, 23 please! :D

16th August 2014, 11:19
I'd like to play again!

34, 11 & 26 please :)

16th August 2014, 19:10
Schlagerman1 could you clean your PM box, please?

16th August 2014, 19:37
Glad to see the contest returning so soon :)

2, 12 and 41 please.

16th August 2014, 19:42
Schlagerman1 could you clean your PM box, please?

It's empty now! ;)

16th August 2014, 19:52
Edward, can you empty your inbox? ;)

16th August 2014, 20:19
Youhou !

I take 6, 27 & 47 :)

16th August 2014, 20:28
Edward, can you empty your inbox? ;)

Been cleared now :)

16th August 2014, 20:34
There is still room for 5 more people to pick numbers, so don't hesitate to join if you want to! :D

16th August 2014, 22:37
16, 17, 18?

17th August 2014, 07:38
14, 21, 40

17th August 2014, 16:17
Just 9 places left in the list, so if you haven't chosen your numbers yet, do so now! :D

17th August 2014, 18:21
A reminder to anselm and SuperGirl to select songs as soon as possible! :)

17th August 2014, 19:41
Still has 9 places left to choose, so if it still is places left at 23 CET tonight, you will get the chance of picking 1 new number! :D so be ready at 23! ;)

17th August 2014, 20:13
Gosh, that was quick. I would have almost missed it again!

38, 44, 46 please.

edit: I've just realised that whoever gets San Marino will be forced to pick a Valentina Monetta song...


18th August 2014, 00:02
31 please.. yes I was hanging around waiting xqueenbitch

18th August 2014, 00:02
So the deadline I have put is over and it is still 6 numbers left to choose, so you can now start by picking a 4th number! :D If you come and haven't choose a single one, you now get the chance to pick even 4 countries, if you are lucky enough! ;)

18th August 2014, 00:03
36 please!

18th August 2014, 00:03
29 pls

18th August 2014, 00:04
32 :D

18th August 2014, 00:05
43 :D

18th August 2014, 00:12
So just one number left, who will get it? :o

18th August 2014, 00:25
Me! 42 :)

18th August 2014, 00:27
Then all countries have been chosen, so now I hope for the rest of you that hasn't chosen songs for your new countries do it as soon as possible, then we can start the first semifinal at earliest tomorrow afternoon/evening! :D

18th August 2014, 00:49
So all songs has now been entered folks! And I am now looking at the list with all the songs and thinking "wow, this will be a very different kind of edition of EYCC!"

You will notice it when the semis are coming, the first being up tomorrow evening! :D

18th August 2014, 00:50
I'm very happy with my four countries and my bonus one is a winnerxyes

Contest number four belongs to moi xqueenbitch:lol:

18th August 2014, 00:53
So all songs has now been entered folks! And I am now looking at the list with all the songs and thinking "wow, this will be a very different kind of edition of EYCC!"

You will notice it when the semis are coming, the first being up tomorrow evening! :D

I have a feeling this is gonna be a really massive one with everyone bringing out the big guns perhaps? I know I certainly havexrofl2

I can't wait for tomorrow xheat

18th August 2014, 22:29
The first semifinal is up on the first page, you can now start to vote! :D Recap will be up later tonight! ;)

18th August 2014, 23:17
Some great choices here (and some not so great, haha)! :D Voted! xcheer

19th August 2014, 00:40
The recap has just got up, so now it is all up to you, which ten songs will qualify?! ;)

19th August 2014, 01:00
Voted! :)

19th August 2014, 02:58
Very interesting semi final. Lots of ethnic inspired entries and some really epic songs available to vote for.

Still no Ronaxwhat Don't you people want my 12!?X-OI Oh well, at least my 12 points will be easy to give away this time:rolleyes:

19th August 2014, 15:03
Voted xcheer

I care most about my top 5 but I like and other 3-4 songs the else were better from anything else

19th August 2014, 17:35
your inbox is full :mrgreen:

u need a bigger inbox :mrgreen:

19th August 2014, 20:32
LakZaNokte resend your votes now :oops:

19th August 2014, 20:48
Voted. Some great choices here this time. :D xcheer

19th August 2014, 22:23
Votes been sent out on their way out to Sverige :) Pretty narrow semi in my opinion, only had to leave out one song I sort of appreciate plus a couple more that are just alright/enjoyable at best. As for voted songs, like greece said up there I care mostly for about five of them to pass, though unlike her it's not exactly my top 5. Good job with the recaps also, though obviously this must be the hardest contest to come up with them since you have to go through some +50 years of footage with varying quality degrees of both audio and video. Still, turned out neat and I liked the draw. Too bad the moment chosen for the final song was cut short before the crazy dance by the bald man, I think that would have made it end up on a high :mrgreen:

20th August 2014, 01:13
I have got 11 votes so far, still a lot to go, but it is really tight, so every vote counts! :D

21st August 2014, 11:17
Voted. The top points 12 and 10 were clear for me. Two of my all time favorites.

21st August 2014, 22:00
With a little more than 26 hours to go, only Hele. is the one that chosen songs but still hasn't voted, and we got 15 votes so far!
If you didn't get to choose songs, you still can vote if you like! :D

23rd August 2014, 01:44
After having some internet trouble tonight, the results will be announced now! :D We got one more voter, so in the end we have 16 voters, time to announce the results! :D

23rd August 2014, 01:46
First qualifier is...

::ge GEORGIA 2010!
This is the 2nd time in a row for Georgia making it to the final! :D

23rd August 2014, 01:47
The 2nd qualifier is...

::md MOLDOVA 2009!
The 3rd of 4 times they will participate in the big final! :D

23rd August 2014, 01:49
The 3rd one qualifiying to the final is...

::lt LITHUANIA 2006!
2nd time for Lithuania, first time was in the first edition, so finally back for them! :D

23rd August 2014, 01:51
4th qualifier is...

::se SWEDEN 1996!
2nd time as well for the swedes! :D

23rd August 2014, 01:52
5th finalist is...

::az AZERBAIJAN 2009!
3rd time for Azerbaijan in the final! :D

23rd August 2014, 01:53
The 6th one is...

::lu LUXEMBOURG 1983!
This is the 1st time Luxembourg qualifies! :D

23rd August 2014, 01:55
7th finalist is...

::bg BULGARIA 2007!
First time since the 1st edition that Bulgaria reaches the final! :D

23rd August 2014, 01:56
The 8th one is...

::sm SAN MARINO 2014!

2nd time in the final for San Marino (and Valentina!) :D

23rd August 2014, 01:57
So two places left...the 9th one is...

::pt PORTUGAL 2009!
3rd time in a row Portugal qualifies to the final! :D

23rd August 2014, 01:59
So it is only one place left...and it is going to...

::ie IRELAND 1987!
First time in the final for Ireland! :D

This means that the 10 finalist countries in alphabetical order are:

::az ::bg ::ge ::ie ::lt
::lu ::md ::pt ::sm ::se

23rd August 2014, 02:01
And the rest of the results is here:

10th ?? 50p
11th ::ro 47p
12th ::ba 46p
13th ::fi 44p
14th ::ee 35p
15th ::at 27p
16th ::gr 27p
17th ::al 25p
18th ::sk 23p
19th ::hr 22p
20th ::mc 15p
21st ::by 9p

The 2nd semi final will be up in a bit! :D

23rd August 2014, 02:08
12. :rolleyes:
10. ?
08. Romania
07. ?
06. Estonia
05. Belarus
04. ?
03. Slovakia
02. Monaco
01. Greece

These results are actually dreadful for me, 4/10 but it doesn't really matter as there were actually only four songs here I really wanted through and three of them made it. I'm sad that Cezar just missed out. If only i'd have given him my 12 xcry1 i'm sure my other fave's would have still made it.

23rd August 2014, 02:14
There is semi 1 now up with recap and all! You have until wednesday on you to vote! :D

23rd August 2014, 02:17
::ba didn't qualify??? really??? xcry1 xcry1
very sad for ::sk and ::al too :(

only 4/10 for me :(

23rd August 2014, 03:02
10 Estonia
7 Austria
6 Greece
5 Bosnia & Herzegovina
3 Romania
2 Finland

23rd August 2014, 13:08
Voted in semi-2. :D xcheer

Some great choices xlove, some so good...as usually. :D
I just hope that people listen to the songs (especially those they don't know well yet) before they vote and don't give automatic high points to songs they sent if there are other songs they actually love more...

23rd August 2014, 13:29
8 of 10 made it from my list.

Both my "own" entries in the first semi also made it to final.

I'm happy with the results.

23rd August 2014, 14:46
Schlagerman, I'm just curious. Which swedish entries has participated in EYCC so far? I know 1996 and 2000 are two of them. Which are the other two?

23rd August 2014, 14:50
i'm terrible at this

23rd August 2014, 14:57
::12 YAAY xcheer
::10 YAAY xcheer
::7 YAAY xcheer
::6 YAAY xcheer
::5 YAAY xcheer
::4 YAAY xcheer
::3 YAAY xcheer
::1 YAAY xcheer

8/10 my second best xyaay

23rd August 2014, 16:58
Voted xcheer

Not so good as the previous semi but still there was some songs that I like

23rd August 2014, 17:11
nooo I have a non qualifier. I am actually surprised it didn't qualify though, I thought it was quite popular.

12- :D
10- :D
8- :D
7- Bosnia & Herzegovina
6- :D
5- :D
4- :D
3- :D
2- Croatia
1- Finland
7/10 not too bad :D considering it was the bottom ones (except B&H) that failed.

23rd August 2014, 18:45
12. ?
10. ?
8. ?
7. ?
6. Romania
5. ?
4. ?
3. Monaco
2. ?
1. Albania

7/10, quite satisfied too. The only real pity and again shocker is indeed Cezar. 2nd time I see his entry failing in contests around here recently. Overplayed or loathed by some? My only doubt. Wish I had given more points to his song as well now. Will keep this in mind for future reference. Didn't expect Monaco to rank that low either, bit of a surprise. From the songs that passed, not really very unhappy with any of them. "Den vilda" was in dispute with another two songs for my bottoms points, so in a way it also feels a bit like an 8/10 actually. Portugal just behind too, Georgia was the country making through whose song I cared the less for but it's still not a tune that I dislike particulary or anything. Austria too maybe deserved a little more reverence, though they were clearly not in a league of their own in here. A bit surprised Bosnia got that many points, was my least liked song and didn't expect that many here would like that thing :lol:

Voting for semi 2 now.

23rd August 2014, 23:38
:lol: I had only 4/10 !

But my song qualified ! xcheer

24th August 2014, 02:56
Schlagerman, I'm just curious. Which swedish entries has participated in EYCC so far? I know 1996 and 2000 are two of them. Which are the other two?

The other two were 2003 and 1989! ;)

24th August 2014, 16:55
Got 8 votes so far, it is really tight I must say, just a few points between 7th and 13th place, so it is still open in which songs that will qualify to the final! :D

25th August 2014, 20:51
Two days to go, and I have got 10 votes! Don't forget to vote guys! :D

25th August 2014, 23:21
Sending an early reminder of the people that voted in semi 1, but hasn't voted in semi 2 yet! :)
Stargazer Jonaxh anselm revallsay RainyWoods SuperGirl EDC0708 :)

25th August 2014, 23:39
Voted! xcheer Thanks for the reminder!! :D I somehow always forget to check this contest since I rarely hang out in this section.

26th August 2014, 01:48

I just can't resist the Balkan ballads... They just melt my heart! xheartxheart

26th August 2014, 22:05
I have got 14 votes so far with a little more than 24 hours to vote! So hurry so you don't miss the chance and your faves may be out! :D

27th August 2014, 07:10
Voted! But it's terrible semifinal, IMO. Not many songs I really like (or hate).

27th August 2014, 16:11
We have got 16 votes by now, but lacks one voter from last semi revallsay and everything can still happen! :)
Resultsshow will begin as planned shortly after the deadline ends! :)

27th August 2014, 23:54
Results will begin in about 5 mins! :D

28th August 2014, 00:01
Deadline is over, let's start! The first finalist is....

::am ARMENIA 2008!
This is the 3rd final in a row for them! :D

28th August 2014, 00:03
Number 2 going through is...

::hu HUNGARY 2007!
One of the few countries that has been in all 4 finals (Big 5 + Ukraine has as well)

28th August 2014, 00:04
The 3rd finalist is...

::pl POLAND 1994!
Poland is now in their 3rd final of four! :)

28th August 2014, 00:05
The 4th finalist is...

::me MONTENEGRO 2014!
Another country that will be in their 4th final! :D

28th August 2014, 00:06
The 5th one is...

::no NORWAY 2013!
3rd final in a row for the Norwegians! :)

28th August 2014, 00:07
The 6th country qualifying is..

::sl SLOVENIA 2014
2nd time in the final for Slovenia! :)

28th August 2014, 00:08
Number 7 is...

::yu YUGOSLAVIA 1987!
2nd time of 3 we will see Yugoslavia in the final! :D

28th August 2014, 00:09
omg I hope I have at least one song qualify. xcry1

28th August 2014, 00:09
The 8th finalist is...

::cy CYPRUS 2004!
2nd final as well for the Cypriots! :)

28th August 2014, 00:10
The 9th and 2nd last song is...

::rs SERBIA 2012!
3rd final for Serbia! :D

28th August 2014, 00:11
For goodness sake, COME ON RUSSIAxpray

28th August 2014, 00:11
OMFG YES. I have at least one in the final!

28th August 2014, 00:13
The 10th and very last song that will make it to the big final is...

::ch SWITZERLAND 2014!
3rd final in a row for the Swiss! :D

Here is the 10 qualifiers in alphabetical order:

::am ::cy ::hu ::me ::no
::pl ::rs ::sl ::ch ::yu

28th August 2014, 00:14
1 song in the final. Worse result for me since the beginning of this contest.

28th August 2014, 00:15
Some great qualifiers :D xcheer ::yu ::me ::rs xlove ...some not really :?

Very sad for ::nl xcry1 :(

28th August 2014, 00:16
And the rest of the results:

10th ?? 48p
11th ::nl 40p
12th ::mt 37p
13th ::il 34p
14th ::mk 34p
15th ::is 33p
16th ::dk 32p
17th ::ad 29p
18th ::lv 24p
19th ::ru 20p
20th ::be 14p
21st ::tr 7p

The final will be up later tonight! :D

28th August 2014, 00:23
12. Russia
08. The Netherlands
05. Israel
04. Malta
02. Turkey

5/10 and only 4/10 in the first semi. This has been awful for me but I at least have two of my four entries through. I'm really upset for Russia and also The Netherlands. I actually don't understand how such a haunting little folk song has failed against some of these qualifiers.. and Alla Pugacheva had one of the best performances and should have made it.

Edit: Wow, Russia did really bad. I'm so surprised that people don't seem to appreciate this entry. It was so underrated at Eurovision. Both my Russian picks have now bombedxcry1 But i'm still confident I can win this:rolleyes:

28th August 2014, 02:10
No Iceland in the final? I thought that was one of Iceland's most popular entries in the history.:o :(

28th August 2014, 02:21
The final has now begun, so check the first page for that! :D I can also happily tell you that all 14 people that got the chance to choose songs has at least one song each in the final! This is the first time it happens, so well done and good luck to all of you! :D

28th August 2014, 07:52
::12 YAAY xcheer
::10 YAAY xcheer
::8 YAAY xcheer
::7 YAAY xcheer
::6 YAAY xcheer
::5 YAAY xcheer
::3 YAAY xcheer
::1 YAAY xcheer

8/10 and all my top 6 in the final xyes

28th August 2014, 11:11
12 Denmark
10 Netherlands
8 yay
7 yay
6 Russia
5 yay
4 yay
3 yay
2 Andorra
1 Latvia

28th August 2014, 20:24
12. ?
10. ?
8. ?
7. Iceland
6. ?
5. Macedonia
4. ?
3. ?
2. Turkey
1. ?

7/10, quite good :) And now I can say that again all of my selected entries have made it to the final for the 2nd consecutive time ;) Lucky strike or deserved success? Time will tell. Not really disappointed over any of those other 3 songs I voted for not going through. ::is was pretty decent but it did sound very dated in a not so good way to me (90's europop). It could have been my 10p but lost 2 positions easily. About the songs that made it through instead...not very surprising, 2 are from this year ESC's edition (and not bad ones) after all. The only surprise would be ::hu, really. ::no, ::ch and ::pl were obvious qualifiers to me. Was happy to see ::il and ::lv flopping. Particulary the later, hadn't seen it doing badly anywhere around here so far. Maybe it's really not cake season :lol: And just a small repair: when announcing that ::yu got through, it was written 1987 but ofc it's 1986 instead. It did make me think if it was me who saw things wrongly and ended up voting for the wrong song for a while there though.

Voting for final soon.

29th August 2014, 16:24
Got 5 votes so far, still time to vote! :D

29th August 2014, 16:39
Voted xcheer

Well for first time I hadn't got a clear ::12

30th August 2014, 16:58
I have 7 set of votes at the moment, there is still days left to vote, so do that! ;)

31st August 2014, 20:03
I have now 9 votes so far, so with two days left to vote, I give a shout out to the people that has voted in the semis but still hasn't voted in the final, in a random order:
henhu as78 Hele. LakZaNokte EscGeek Stargazer Jonaxh RainyWoods anselm

Even if you aren't on the list here you are still of course able to vote if you like to! :D

31st August 2014, 20:30
thanks for the reminder.. :D
tough choice..i only gave 2 points to myself xrofl2

31st August 2014, 20:42
Voted. :D xcheer Although some of my favorites didn't qualify really good final. xup

tough choice..i only gave 2 points to myself xrofl2

I gave 0 to myself. xshrug
And it happened in previous editions too although I sent songs I liked most (from available). Some countries just don't have good enough entries.

31st August 2014, 20:47
Voted too! :D Thank you for the reminder, Adam! xbow

1st September 2014, 16:08
We are up to 12 votes, but it is still more than a day to vote but don't forget to vote, anything can still happen! :D

Edit: just when I posted this I got the 13th one! :D

1st September 2014, 23:22
henhu Jonaxh RainyWoods and anselm still needs to vote, and you got almost 24 hours on you to do so. EscGeek needs to correct his votes, so please do that before the deadline is over.

At this very moment only 1 point divide 1st and 2nd place, and the other songs are not too far behind, so every vote counts! :D

1st September 2014, 23:47
Voted now!
Was very difficult choice, because I liked way more than 10 songs. I went for my song :D

2nd September 2014, 06:16
Check your inbox. I already corrected them

2nd September 2014, 15:56
Just voted now!

I think it's my favorite final in the EYCC (short but good) history!

2nd September 2014, 22:18
Check your inbox. I already corrected them

No I still haven't got them. :S Resend them again pls as soon as possible.

2nd September 2014, 22:24
I have at the moment 16 votes with less than 2 hours til the deadline, but I still need from a few more people and also a correction from EscGeek, which I haven't got :S I am planning to letting this people have ah hour extra, just in case they show up, but I need to end this contest tonight, so I hope the few that is left shows up and votes! :)

2nd September 2014, 22:49
my inbox was full,so i couldnt send it:oops:

i was doing my votes and at the same time the tv was on and they spoke about croatia's victory against argentina,and my brain went coo coo for a moment :lol:

2nd September 2014, 22:51
^ haha it's okay! :D Well that means that all people I have waited for has voted, but I still leave it open for anyone else that wants to vote, but the results will begin at 23 CET as always, so be here then! ;)

2nd September 2014, 23:55
Deadline is almost officially over, and we have got 18 votes! :D Results will begin in a few minutes..

2nd September 2014, 23:59
So as usual, let's begin from the bottom of the scoreboard...

26th with 12p
POLAND 1994!
sent by: EscGeek
Best placement in EYCC: EYCC 2 - ::pl 1996 10th place

5 Edward
4 Schalgerman1
2 EscGeek
1 revallsay

3rd September 2014, 00:02
25th with 20p
sent by: as78

Best placement in EYCC: EYCC 3 - ::ua 2013, 1st place

7 Edward
5 EscGeek
4 FoxOfShadows, greece

3rd September 2014, 00:05
24th with 23p
sent by: Edward

Best placement in EYCC: EYCC 1 - ::ie 2013, 18th in semi

12 Edward
6 Hele.
3 EscGeek
1 AshleyWright, Jonaxh

3rd September 2014, 00:06
::ie 1987 is good, but I couldn't fit it into my top ten.

3rd September 2014, 00:09
23rd with 23p
sent by: LakZaNokte

Best placement in EYCC: EYCC 1 - ::sl 2011, 9th

8 AshleyWright
5 LakZaNokte
4 toinou03
3 FoxOf Shadows
1 as78, EscGeek, Hele.

3rd September 2014, 00:11
22nd with 25p
FRANCE 2014!
sent by: revallsay

Best placement: EYCC 3 - ::fr 2010 9th

10 EDC0708
5 Anselm, FoxOfShadows, revallsay

3rd September 2014, 00:14
21st with 25p
sent by: SuperGirl

Best placement: EYCC 3 - ::ge 2007, 13th

8 toinou03
7 henhu
3 anselm, SuperGirl
2 greece, Jonaxh

3rd September 2014, 00:17
20th with 25p
sent by: revallsay

Best placement: EYCC 3 - ::lu 1992, 16th in semi

7 SuperGirl
6 Edward
4 henhu
3 revallsay
2 as78, Stargazer
1 toinou03

3rd September 2014, 00:19
At least none of my top favorites yet. :D

3rd September 2014, 00:20
19th with 29p
sent by: anselm

Best placement: EYCC 1 - ::hu 2014, 10th

8 anselm
7 Schlagerman1
5 henhu
4 SuperGirl
3 RainyWoods
2 toinou03

3rd September 2014, 00:20
I still haven't awarded any points yet:lol:

3rd September 2014, 00:23
18th with 29p
CYPRUS 2004!
sent by: henhu

Best placement: EYCC 1 - ::cy 2012, 26th

12 henhu
6 toinou03
5 RainyWoods
3 Jonaxh
2 AshleyWright
1 anselm

3rd September 2014, 00:26
17th with 31p
SPAIN 1995!
sent by: Jonaxh

Best placement: EYCC 3 - ::es 2012, 19th

10 toinou03
8 henhu
5 Schlagerman1
4 Jonaxh
3 Hele.
1 Stargazer

3rd September 2014, 00:27
Good song, but almost always a little bit overrated. So this was refreshing!

3rd September 2014, 00:28
16th with 32p
sent by: as78

Best placement: EYCC 1 - ::de 2010, 7th

10 Stargazer
8 as78
6 Schlagerman1
4 anselm, EDC0708

3rd September 2014, 00:29
Aw no! :( Deserved higher. :(

3rd September 2014, 00:30
I almost gave Germany a point but decided I wanted to include Hungary instead at the last moment.

3rd September 2014, 00:31
15th with 34p
sent by: LakZaNokte

Best placement: EYCC 1 - ::sm 2013, 18th

12 RainyWoods
6 henhu
5 EDC0708
4 AshleyWright, revallsay
2 LakZaNokte
1 greece

3rd September 2014, 00:32

I shall seek revenge by winning now...:rolleyes:

3rd September 2014, 00:33
Deserved for San Marino. ;)

3rd September 2014, 00:34
14th with 35p
sent by: Stargazer

Best placement: EYCC 2 - ::yu 1983, 17th

10 as78
8 Stargazer
6 LakZaNokte
5 Hele.
4 RainyWoods
2 Edward

3rd September 2014, 00:36
"Shrek... SHREK"xlove

Yugoslavia really grew on me.

3rd September 2014, 00:37
13th with 35p
sent by: Hele.

Best placement: EYCC 3 - ::pt 1998, 3rd

12 anselm
7 Jonaxh
6 AshleyWright
5 Stargazer
3 as78
2 Hele.

3rd September 2014, 00:41
12th with 39p
sent by: Jonaxh

Best placement: EYCC 1 - ::me 2013, 2nd

10 Jonaxh
8 greece
6 revallsay
5 as78
4 Hele.
3 Stargazer
2 anselm
1 Schlagerman1

3rd September 2014, 00:41
Aw sad Yugoslavia didn't end up higher and sad I couldn't have given it more. xcry1

3rd September 2014, 00:44
11th with 44p
sent by: Hele.

Best placement: EYCC 3 - ::am 2014, 15th

10 EscGeek, Hele.
8 SuperGirl
6 FoxOfShadoes
4 Edward
3 greece
2 EDC0708
1 RainyWoods

3rd September 2014, 00:46
Oh my gosh, i've got two songs in the top ten:oxheat

3rd September 2014, 00:47
10th with 48p
ITALY 1958!
sent by: SuperGirl

Best placement: EYCC 2 - ::it 1990, 7th

12 LakZaNokte
10 henhu
8 Jonaxh
7 as78
4 EscGeek, Stargazer
3 Schlagerman1

3rd September 2014, 00:49
9th with 49p
sent by: SuperGirl

Best placement: EYCC 1 - ::bg 2011, 23rd

10 SuperGirl
8 EDC0708, FoxOfShadows
7 LakZaNokte, RainyWoods
6 EscGeek
3 Edward

3rd September 2014, 00:51
I'm really happy that Bulgaria has done well.

3rd September 2014, 00:52
8th with 49p
sent by: Edward

Best placement: EYCC 2 - ::ch 2005, 6th

12 FoxOfShadows
8 Edward, revallsay
6 anselm, EDC0708
5 greece
3 AshleyWright
1 henhu

3rd September 2014, 00:55
7th with 52p
sent by: Edward

Best placement: EYCC 1 - ::lt 2010 - 12th

12 EscGeek, revallsay
10 Edward
7 EDC0708
6 SuperGirl
4 LakZaNokte
1 FoxOfShadows

3rd September 2014, 00:58
6th with 56p
sent by: RainyWoods

Best placement: EYCC 2 - ::md 2013, 8th

10 RainyWoods
8 LakZaNokte
7 anselm, EscGeek, FoxOfShadows, greece, toinou03
3 EDC0708

3rd September 2014, 00:59
Thanks everyone that voted for Moldovaxyesxheat

3rd September 2014, 01:01
5th with 58p
sent by: Hele.

Best placement: EYCC 1 - ::az 2009, 14th

12 Hele.
10 greece, revallsay
7 AshleyWright
5 Jonaxh, Supergirl
3 henhu, LakZaNokte
2 Schlagerman1
1 EDC0708

3rd September 2014, 01:05
4th with 63p
NORWAY 2013!
sent by: RainyWoods

Best placement: EYCC 2 - ::no 1995, 1st

10 anselm, FoxOfShadows, Schlagerman1
8 RainyWoods
7 revallsay
6 greece, Jonaxh
2 henhu, SuperGirl
1 Edward, LakZaNokte

3rd September 2014, 01:07
http://img.gala.fr/fit/http.3A.2F.2Fwww.2Egala.2Efr.2Fvar.2Fgal.2Fstorage .2Fimages.2Fmedia.2Fimages.2Factu.2Fphotos_on_ne_p arle_que_de_ca.2Fphotos_859.2Famanda_lear_ouv.2F12 83194-1-fre-FR.2Famanda_lear_ouv.2Ejpg/649x449/quality/80/amanda-lear-ouv.jpg

3rd September 2014, 01:08
I hope Serbia wins nowxshifty

3rd September 2014, 01:08
3rd with 64p
sent by: Hele.

Best placement: EYCC 2 - ::uk 1976, 18th

12 EDC0708
10 AshleyWright, LakZaNokte
8 Hele., Schlagerman1
7 Stargazer
4 as78
3 toinou03
2 revallsay

3rd September 2014, 01:10
So it is between two countries...

It is Serbia or Sweden that is heads up for the win...and we have got the biggest winning margin ever, 10 points between the two...chech out the next post where the winning song is... ;)

3rd September 2014, 01:11
Wow a landslide:lol:

3rd September 2014, 01:17
2nd with 67p
SWEDEN 1996!
sent by: toinou03

Best placement: EYCC 2 - ::se 2000, 13th

12 as78, Schlagerman1, Stargazer, Supergirl, toinou03
5 AshleyWright
2 RainyWoods

This means that the winner with 77p, new point record is!:

SERBIA 2012!
sent by: AshleyWright

Best placement: EYCC 1 - ::rs 2007, 4th

12 AshleyWright, greece, Jonaxh
8 EscGeek
7 Hele.
6 as78, Stargazer, RainyWoods
5 toinou03
2 FoxOfShadows
1 SuperGirl

Here is the winning song again, "Nije Ljubav Stvar" with Zeljko Joksimovic! :)


3rd September 2014, 01:19
I love both ::rs 2012 and ::se 1996, so it's a great results either way! :D

3rd September 2014, 01:21
Great winner!!! xheart
Though more hoped for ::se xlove

3rd September 2014, 01:21
Really interesting results, a range of different songs doing well.
Shame about ::fr 2014, it was one of my favourite songs in the final!

3rd September 2014, 01:22
Okay winner, but none of top 3 songs was in my top 10 :lol:

3rd September 2014, 01:24
Tack Adam for yet another great round! :D xbow Can't wait for the next one (if there is a next one)! :D

3rd September 2014, 01:34
So time to see the final scoreboards of the semis and final.

Starts with semi 1:

Azerbaijan took a close win over Sweden here and Moldova reached to third. Luxembourg grabbed their first final just three points ahead of Romania. Monaco was close of doing what they did in the first edition, coming dead last, but got some points in the end and Belarus got the last place instead.

Semi 2:
Serbia won this semi pretty comfortable, with Norway in 2nd place and Armenia grabbing 3rd. Thanks to SuperGirl, Hungary stole the last place to the final from the dutch duo by eight points and got an another place in the final. For the 2nd edition in a row, Turkey got the last place in a semi final, the turks may start to think what to send to come back from this bad trend...

and the final:
There you can see that Serbia actually had huge problems in the beginning and I was starting to think that Serbia would fail...but after a huge comeback, Serbia overshined the rest and flew away with the win. One of the editions surprises gotta be Lithuania, who were only 6th in the semi but reached 7th place in the final! Possibly an another slight let down for Armenia, being 3rd in the semi and just outside top 10 once again. This is the 3rd time in a row as well that a nordic country get 2nd in EYCC, Iceland was 2nd in EYCC2, Finland in EYCC3 and now Sweden this edition. Wonder if Denmark or possibly Norway could be next...

Cause a 5th edition will for sure come, problably not this week, but you never know with me...I am hopeless at times..:mrgreen:
Writing down who sent which song will come up tomorrow, til then, see ya all in the 5th edition! :D

3rd September 2014, 01:37
That's a really nice winner. I shamefully overlooked the song when it was competing at Eurovision. Anything that beat Rona I was annoyed with.. but I should have payed closer attention to Zeljko's song. Perhaps it could have done without the little bombastic section at the end but it's still a really beautiful composition. Well done AshleyWright for picking itxclap

I'm kind of shocked Norway came fourth (I was expecting an easy top 2). I was really naughty picking it as it wasn't my favourite Norwegian song. I was going to choice Carl but I thought to myself that this could be my only chance ever to win, by still picking a song I really liked. I'm kind of puzzled how the UK and Sweden managed to beat such a fresh, incredibly popular song. I thought that Serbia would be the only one able to stop Margaret.

I'm surprised my other choice did so well. I was really happy I got to pick Nelly for Moldova. "Hora Din Moldova" has always been my favourite ethnic entry at the contest and one of my favourite performances ever.

I'm sad for Valentina though. I think she deserves so much better, especially after her triumphant performance at the contest.. It seems people still aren't crazy for "Maybe".

Thank you Schlagerman for yet another fantastic game. As usual, you've done a fantastic job with everything. Your contest is so much fun to take part in and i've discovered (as well as remembered) a lot of great songs.

3rd September 2014, 01:44
Thank you Adam for one more great edition! xclap xbow Looking forward to the next one! :D xcheer

3rd September 2014, 01:55
Amazing winner! I had Serbia in EYCC 3 and I was sooooo torn between Nije Ljubav Stvar and Oro and I choose the last one! Serbia has such amazing songs!

Amazing EYCC again! I love this game!! And congratulations for me for my last place in both semifinals!!! :oops: :mrgreen:

3rd September 2014, 08:12
My 12 won xlove wow it's first time xyaaay

The 2 last editions are going amazing for me. 8 of the songs that I voted were in top 15 :D

Finally my goal in this game is achieved xbow But ofc we need 5th edition xpray

3rd September 2014, 19:02
That bottom 3 comes as a real shocker to me xshock We are talking about three top 5 ESC songs, a winner included. ::pl Edyta Górniak takes the crown for biggest disappointment, I really thought she was more appreciated around here. Sadly, I knew that my "non-picked" favorite ::ua Mika Newton is not that much appreciated, but still that's a pretty low rank. As for ::ie Johnny Logan, perhaps his winning song is a bit forgotten these days. I still find it to be an incredibly strong ballad that I admit to be one of my favorite entries ever from an anglophone country. I'm happy that I was finally able to bring ::ie to a final at last, despite it's final position.
On the other hand have to be a bit sad for ::lu, yet another powerful song that did very well at ESC finding itself at the bottom half of the table in here.

On the bright side I was able to get 4 of the songs I voted for into the top 10, two of them being entries that I picked. I'm happy with ::lt LT United in particular improving a bit their final situation post semi-final merge. I think it's one of those rare "joke songs" that most people can take lightly and have fun to, as opposed to others who are unfortunately misunderstood like ::is Congratulations or ::ee Leto svet. I'm also satisfied with for the 6th time having improved a rank and giving a country (in this case Lithuania) it's best placement ever.
As for ::ch Sebalter...top 10 is nice and may I even say I expected no less. The song is still so revered around these parts. But I am slightly disappointed with 8th only, I thought it could be really fighting for the win. It's not an all-time favorite song of mine and I just picked it for this purpose, that of winning. I don't know what went wrong, maybe people are finally getting a bit fed up with it? xshrug I know that I am. It was also the first country that I couldn't improve best placement for. I wasn't around yet for EYCC2, so I am left wondering if people really like ::ch Cool Vibes that much or if the competition wasn't so strong for that edition?

The top 3 is a bit surprising but I think that the best song out of those has won the contest. I did give it 1p in the semi but after merging my ranks for the final it became impossible to give it anything at all. Still, it's a song that I enjoy, so decent winner :) Although light years away from the winner of EYCC3! And it was kind of funny to me to see the swedes unite for their song during this edition. Look how many of the 12pts came from Swedish users, at least some 4! :lol: Maybe ::se Den Vilda is still held with high regard around there these days? It is a good song, that again, just narrowly missed my points both in semi and the final.

I think that a contributing factor for ::no I Feed You My Love not doing better is that it is a song that was very much overplayed by people following last year's ESC and the idea of that is still present in most people's minds. I couldn't give it more than 1p for the final and 4pts for the semi. It is indeed still a powerful, popular tune and also fresh, but like I said, perhaps a bit too fresh in people's memories still! Also I personally thought we would see more music like that from Margaret post-ESC but that hasn't been the case. Maybe people take that into account as well. 4th place is still great anyway, it did beat the even fresher ::ch Hunter of Stars after all :mrgreen:
I'm not surprised with ::md Hora din Moldova doing well, people have always seemed to like it. I could still give it some 4pts during the semi but then nothing for the final. I think I became quite sick of the song, honestly :? It's still an uplifting song but there's something about the way she shouts those "Hey Hey's" during the chorus that has started to annoy me, allied to the way Nelly Ciobanu presented herself. I think she intimidates me a bit or something :mrgreen:
I agree that ::sm Valentina should have done a bit better, again, I was able to give 2pts for the semi but after the merge and during the final I couldn't. It was just a tough edition for her song to be in, I think. But although she may not ever be a "de facto" winner, she'll always have a special place in the hearts of her ESC fans. Maybe an honorary "Best Personality" award should arise :p

Once again thanks to Schlagerman1 for organizing all of the fun, I hope EYCC5 is just around the corner ;)

3rd September 2014, 21:30
Serbia 2012???? Seriously, what bad taste people have. Sweden 1996 and Bulgaria 2007 are way better. Sweden is so underrated in this forum.

3rd September 2014, 22:29
So time to announce which who got which country! Here is the list:

::dk ::ee ::gr ::hu

::de ::nl ::sk ::ua

::be ::ba ::rs

::ie ::lt ::ch

::hr ::mc ::pl

::am ::az ::pt ::uk

::at ::cy ::fi

::by ::me ::es ::tr

::il ::sm ::sl

::md ::no ::ro ::ru

::fr ::lu ::mt

::al ::lv ::yu

::ad ::bg ::ge ::it

::is ::mk ::se

So there you have it all. Interesting to see that AshleyWright won, despite having three songs and also just having one song in the final! Also it is hilarious that revallsay got Malta for the third time in a row for him (EYCC 1, 2 and now 4). :lol:

Btw a suprise might come up tonight, so beware in the next hour or so! ;)

3rd September 2014, 22:33
OMFG YES I WON. I CAME CLOSE WITH SERBIA IN EYC 1. xcheer xcheer xcheer Thanks for an amazing contest. I thought my luck was over with the failures of Bosnia & Herzegovina and Belgium.

4th September 2014, 00:36
Bad/Lame winner once again :(

4th September 2014, 02:16
Here's the list of my results (from best to worst) so far :mrgreen:

::mk Macedonia 2012: Kaliopi – Crno i Belo | EYC 2: 4th
::am Armenia 2014: Aram MP3 – Not Alone | EYC 3: 14th
::hu Hungary 2007: Magdi Rúzsa – Unsubstantial Blues | EYC 4: 19th
::de Germany 1958: Margot Hielscher – Für zwei Groschen Musik | EYC 3: 26th
::lv Latvia 2000: Brainstorm – My Star | EYC 1: 11th (SF)
::ee Estonia 2003: Ruffus – Eighties Coming Back | EYC 4: 14th (SF)
::gr Greece 1997: Marianna Zorba – Horepse | EYC 4: 15th (SF)
::dk Denmark 2006: Sidsel Ben Semmane – Twist of Love | EYC 1: 16th (SF)
::dk Denmark 1959: Birthe Wilke - Uh, jeg ville ønske jeg var dig | EYC 4: 16th (SF)
::at Austria 1971: Marianne Mendt – Musik | EYC 2: 19th (SF)
::md Moldova 2011: Zdob și Zdub – So Lucky | EYC 3: 19th (SF)
::by Belarus 2004: Aleksandra & Konstantin – My Galileo | EYC 1: 20th (SF)
::sm San Marino 2011: Senit – Stand By | EYC 3: 20th (SF)

4th September 2014, 17:23
Since I love stats, I'll do the same too:

::fi Finland 2006: Lordi - Hard Rock Hallelujah » EYCC 3: 2nd
::ba Bosnia & Herzegovina 2006: Hari Mata Hari - Lelja » EYCC3: 4th
::lt Lithuania 2006: LT United - We Are The Winners » EYCC4: 7th
::sk Slovakia 2010: Kristina - Horehronie » EYCC3: 8th (had more voters than song below, so that unbreaks the tie)
::ch Switzerland 2014: Sebalter - Hunter of Stars » EYCC4: 8th
::es Spain 2012: Pastora Soler - Quédate conmigo » EYCC3: 19th
::ie Ireland 1987: Johnny Logan - Hold Me Now » EYCC4: 24th

revallsay is a girl (woman?) btw ;)

4th September 2014, 18:09
Edward I'm a girl, well I'm 23 so woman is more appropiate, hehe ;)