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24th June 2014, 00:20
Since the competition began back in 1956, it has been several occasions when someone/something doing better or worse in the voting than you expected. With this thread, I hope that we can discuss all these things that has happen during the ESC-history, I can begin myself. (I started watching ESC back in 2001 so all shocks for me will be from then until now because I didnīt watch 1956-2000 in real time)
2001: When ::ee won, I can tell you that my family looked like this xshock. We thought either ::gr, ::dk or ::fr would take the prize. I still donīt like "Everybody"
2002: Same reactions in my home when another unexpected song won namely ::lv. Itīs very obvious that they won because of the performance. In song quality, ::ee, ::fr, ::uk, ::mt and ::es were much better
2003: This year, the biggest surprise for me was that ::be and ::at made top 10, I didnīt expected that before the contest, the same about the "nul points" for ::uk
2004: The only thing that shocked me this year was ::be, I thought it would end up on the second half on the scoreboard but not next last. Otherwise a good year.
2005: I was very pissed off when ::mk qualified instead of ::is this year T(). I was very happy though in the final when ::mt, ::il and ::lv ended in top 5. I was the only one in my family that thought ::lv would get a good placing. Our song got a placing it deserved, I still think we should have sent Nanne Grönvall that year
2006: Personally, I thought ::se could have had miss the final that year because I knew that Carola was very appreciated by the hardcore fans. I was pretty sure ::be had qualified so when the last envelope opened by Sakis contained ::am, I was very surprised xshock1. In the final I was pretty mad about ::lt coming 6th
2007: The year when two semis should have been introduced, 28 countries in one semi was too many in my opinion. I wasnīt surprised that ::ch and ::cy didnīt qualified, they simply were pretty bad live. In the sadness because of ::se finishing in 18th place, I was still glad that ::bg managed top 5. My favourite entry from them to date.
2008: Just saying: Thanks to the jury who saved ::se to the final. And big relief that ::ie stayed in the semi xyes
2009: I was almost sure that ::se wouldnīt qualify with Malena Ernman. So I was a bit surprised when she made it. ::uk and ::ee were the biggest surprises for me in the final result.
2010: Even though I didnīt had "This is my life" as favourite in our national final, I still thought ::se would qualify for the final at least. That feeling when the last digital envelope was opened and I saw that it was ::dk, I was really empty inside xcry1
But the right song won in the final
Now, I look back at it with a smile, Iīm pretty sure that this failure has played a big roll for the great results we have got from 2011 and onwards. xyes
2011: I werenīt surprised at all that ::no didnīt made the final. The song was very overhyped. I did expect that ::tr and ::am would make it despite that the latter one was very bad so I was surprised when they missed. The moments before ::se was announced as qualifier my face was: xpray xshifty and then became xyaaay xyaay.
In the final, I still donīt get that ::it nailed the 2nd place ahead of us. One of the most boring songs that year xboring
2012: You maybe donīt expect me to write something about this year but I still think that ::ro and ::is should have reached top 10. I was xwhat x??? about ::al and ::az reaching top 5
2013: ::gr 6th in the final?! xfacepalm. The lyrics and the message was ok but seriously, I judge that as a joke song and 6th place was way to high. 12-14th place would have been better. The same with ::no, very overrated. Only two of my favorites made top 5, ::dk and ::ua
2014: I wonder, was it really any surprises this year, I wonder? I couldnīt find anyone at least in the combined results. If I look in the separate jury and televotes result, I can find many, ::pl 5th in televoting?! :oops: xfacepalm one of the reasons why the jury was brought back. Thank god they gave the song what it deserved. I was very pleased and happy that ::se would have ended top 5 with only televoting xyes.::ch finishing 7th in the televotes was also a bit unexpected in a positive way

24th June 2014, 11:15
I will write only for 2011-2014 :oops:

Hungary finished 22th: Although I find this song way overrated by fans I expected a top 10 for this.
Slovenia finished 13th: Well everyone loved this song but it the final in televoting it came 22th xshrug
Azerbaijan won: Ok the song isn't bad at all but neither deserved a top 10
France finished 15th: All this winning buzz around this song and finally not even a top 10
Estonia finished 24th: As song it deserved a top 10, but this performance was soooo dissapointing...
Poland came last in their semi: Ok it wasn't the best song but it didn't deserve this place...
Belarus staying in the semis: Sry but this was just unfair for me xcry
Moldova finished 12th: SERIOUSLY?!?!

Italy finished 2nd: I expect under top 20 but omg it came second xyaaay
Sweden finished 3rd: Almost everyone 20+ said that it was awful,trashy etc... but in the final xyaay

Iceland finished 22th: This song is xbow It deserved even to win imo
Denmark fnished 23th: How is it possible this didn't achieve a top 10?!?!

Lithuania finished 14th: Everyone told me that it would flop but it was top 15. BOOOOO
Albania finished 5th: I honestly can't understand why but people hated this song xshrug See this finish 5th was a real pleasure
Estonia finished 6th: It was somehow a dark horse imo

Denmark won: Ok I knew that it the fave to win but this song is bleeding my ears and she sings awful xshrug The only possitive here is that it made me admit how amazing winning song Finland had at 2006 :rolleyes: Seriously untill the last minute I expect someone else to win...
Russia finished 5th: She is indeed an amazing singer and the song is great but 5th is too much
Israel staying in the semis: Ok I know that Israel hasn't got many friends but this deserve top 15 in final
Finland finished 24th: uuum ok this finished 24th cause of the lesbian kiss but after one year Conchita won xshrug
Romania finished 14th: It was top 10 in televoting! xfacepalm
Armenia finished 18th: This was xpuke and it was top 20? Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh

Malta finished 8th: One of the few great moments for the jury
Greece finished 6th: I expected a place under top 20 but 6th in the final and 2nd in the semi by beating Norway?!?!?! omg xbow xbow xbow
Netherlands finished 8th: The recent years they failed but suddenly top 10 xyaay

Israel staying in the semis: It was 8th in the odds ?!?!?!?! wtf Europe xbeee
Malta being in the final: It deserved 37th place... srsly it was awful...
Azerbaijan finished 22th: The shock part is the performance and not the place actually xcry
Italy finished 21th: Ok maybe she is not the best live vocalist but it deserve a top 15
Slovenia finished 25th: imho this deserve top 10. I can't find anything negative in the performance xshrug
UK finished 17th: That improves that even with a great song ::uk is always alone :(

Portugal staying in the semis: I truly believe that there was at least 2 or 3 worst songs from this to take jury's bottom

Montenegro achieved top 20 in the final: although it deserved top 10 I am glad with it's place
Conchita/Austria won: tbh when the song was announced I didn't believed that much to it, but after the rehearsals I was xshock1 and after the semi I was xyaaayxyaaayxyaaay

Mixed feelings:
Poland/Switzerland achieve top 10 in televoting but bottom 5 in jury: Why only some people should have the power to cancel million peoples votes? They both were great vocally xshrug Jury has to change or having less power... it is not normal voting ONLY ONLY ONLY ONLY ballads... :?

27th June 2014, 02:07
Before I start I will say that I only started watching it properly in 2009, with the semi finals as well in 2010, and I didn't seriously follow it knowing who were favourites and such until 2012.

::uk After what I had read and what I was being told I thought we were going to come last with 0 points, then we came 5th and I was like wtf is everyone on about?
::gr They gave us 12 :lol:

::no Lol them winning? I did not like the song, I was shocked they won let alone get the points they got.
::is Them not winning! I was sure they would win, or Azerbaijan.
::az same as above.
::fi I was shocked they came last :? I really liked their song.

::az I was surprised they got 5th place singing first. I thought they would flop big time.
::ro I was happy they got a good result, I thought they would win it.
::sk I really like Slovakia's song, I thought it would qualify for sure.

::uk Our was just terrible, we got what we deserved. I missed the NF that year so it was my first time hearing it, I couldn't wait for it to be over.
::de::tr::dk I hated all of these songs with a passion, they were all horribly overrated. I was baffled with how Germany won...

::uk it was a serious improvement on 2010, they had gone for a modern song and I was happy with it. I really thought we was in with a chance.

::uk 11th is still great but I thought we would do a lot better than that... I have since learned Blue were terrible in the jury final.
::az I did not like this song, I didn't think it would make the top 10 let alone win :?
::ie I don't like Jedward and I was annoyed they came ahead of us.
::it What the hell happened there? it was terrible song. God sake juries...

::se A really good song, I knew it would win.
::ie As i've said above, I don't like Jedward but I liked their song that year.
::no So happy they came last. The song was horrible and he sounded terrible.
::uk I liked the song again, a bit forgettable. I'm sure if we sang later on we would have done better.

::tk Again i did not like their song and 7th was so overrated.
::dk I liked their song, and for a short while I was worried they would end up with 0 points!
::ua Ukraine qualifying was an injustice.
::bg Joint 10th with Norway. I felt so sorry for them. I preferred them so much more over Norway.
::sl How could they not qualify?!

::dk Only positive I can think off, I liked their song. Still meh though xshrug.

::sm San Marino not qualifying, I was so shocked. xcry
::at Same as above.
::ch Same as above.
::az Second? seriously, their gimmick obviously paid off...
::de I loved their song, I am a fan of Cascada. I was shocked they flopped so badly. xcry
::uk Wrong Song, Wrong Singer. Even with bonnie there was better options to choose from her album she sent in. I was happy at least we got 19th even with the unusually low 23 points for that final rank.

::nl::at That countries with a horrific record in ESC got the top 2 places, shame the UK couldn't join them up there...
::uk The change in BBC attitude. I was so happy, yet surprised they went on a complete new path. Loved the song, and thought it would do well. (maybe I got caught up in the hype). I am even more happy the UK will continue with this system this year with the possibility of making it into a NF.
::sl I loved their song, wasn't sure they would qualify though.
::ch Surprised they did so well, I am happy they did.

::at While I was happy they did well, I didn't think they should have won...
::ro Why so low xcry It was my favourite!
::sl same as above.
::il A huge shock, did not think they would fail.
::by How did they qualify? :?
::az Knew they wouldn't do as well but so low?

All I can think off now.

27th June 2014, 15:26
Great list Ashley, I agree in almost all cases.
I was not really a fan of the ::uk entry this year but Iīm happy that BBC has changed strategy, it will bring a great placing for you in the near feature, Iīm sure of it

30th June 2014, 00:08
My biggest shock was the pathetic speech held by the french spokeswoman this year.

1st July 2014, 16:12
Great list Ashley, I agree in almost all cases.
I was not really a fan of the ::uk entry this year but Iīm happy that BBC has changed strategy, it will bring a great placing for you in the near feature, Iīm sure of it

All the BBC can do is learn and develop from it, so we should get a good result sooner or later :D