View Full Version : Thing to think about when it comes to the jury

4th June 2014, 22:32
I have no idea where to post this, this subforum seems the most appropriate, if I'm wrong, I'm sorry!

I was just thinking about the jury today, from my understanding of it, they judge based on the rehearsal on the night before, or the "Jury Final". Yet the thing is, it's a song contest, not a performance contest. So my first question is should the jury judge a country on its studio-version of a song, or on its live performance, or on a mix of both? I found this really interesting to think about, because then you could say "well, yes it's a song contest, but live performance matters more, so maybe the juries could just listen to the live rehearsal on the radio rather than watching it" or something like that.

My other question I was thinking of is how much material related to the song are the jury members required to familiarise themselves with? Lyrics in the language of the juror, or at least in English and French, information regarding the message behind the song, etc. Like Ég á Líf was a pretty dull song, I felt anyway, until I read the English lyrics, and now it's one of my favourites. Were I on the Irish jury and I just listened to it there on the day of the final I would have ranked it close to the bottom. Similarly, Coming Home is a nice enough song, but it's nothing special unless you know the message behind it.

27th July 2014, 11:37
I've said this before. As far as I can tell, all the juries are required to do is turn up on the day of the jury finals and listen to the songs once. If they're meant to be providing the benefit of their musical experience and a level of insight lacking from the phone vote, this is not good enough.

At the very least, every juror should be given the album to listen to a few weeks before the contest.