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13th May 2014, 08:08
Of the 4 winners who was your winner?

::fr Frida Boccara "Un jour, un enfant"


::nl Lenny Kuhr "De troubadour"


::es Salomé "Vivo cantando"


::uk Lulu "Boom Bang-a-Bang"


13th May 2014, 10:12
Vivo Cantando is one of the best songs in the Eurovision Song Contest IMO and let't not look past Salomé's beauty and her amazing clothes which I would wear in a heartbeat! haha

13th May 2014, 20:14

14th May 2014, 00:07
::uk for me but I liked the other songs too.

14th May 2014, 13:43
::es for me.

14th May 2014, 13:55
::uk for me

14th May 2014, 16:18
01. ::nl (by miles)
02. ::uk
03. ::es
04. ::fr

14th May 2014, 16:34
France is my fave, I think it is such a fantastic song. I have a hard time with the Dutch song, I think it is rather ridiculous, UK and Spain is okay though! ;)

15th May 2014, 15:56
I pick ::fr

16th May 2014, 00:56
Even if I'm Spanish I must say The Netherlands has the best song here. It's delicious and outstanding.

On the other hand, France is pretty mediocre and doesn't deserve to compared to the rest.

21st August 2014, 21:55
I vote for France, but like them all.

If UK had sent one of the other Lulu tracks, she'd have gotten my vote.

28th August 2014, 19:52
Currently each of the songs is on 4 votes each. 45 years later we still can't choose a winner. :lol:

28th August 2014, 19:54
Currently each of the songs is on 4 votes each. 45 years later we still can't choose a winner. :lol:

xqueenbitch. I broke the tie.

28th August 2014, 21:16
Unpredictable tiebreaker.. :roll:

30th August 2014, 17:01
All of these songs were good and had a potential to win, but my favourite is ::nl "De troubadour"

31st August 2014, 02:26
My preferred winner of 1969 is ::it by far, but out of the four who actually won, it's definitely ::nl for me! :)

17th January 2015, 13:41
1969 was indeed the best edition from the 50's and 60's. I'm proud we had the chance to host such a great edition xlove

As I said before, "Troubadour" is one of my favourite winners ever and it's so over the rest of the winners.

::uk has a very nice entry and ::es despite it's not a piece of art it's fun and charming. On the other hand ::fr is pretty mediocre.

But I'd also like to point out some really lovely songs that didn't do so well unfortunately but deserved more than most of the winners:

::de "Primaballerina" -> I'm in love with this. One of my favourite ESC songs ever xlove

::pt "Desfolhada portuguesa" -> Robbed. One of the most genuine and authentic Portuguese entries and probably the biggest classic of this year 45 years later.

::it "Duo grosse lacrime bianche" -> Didn't like it so much the first time, but grew on me. The song is probably nothing special, but the artist as outstanding.

::ch and ::fi are not at the same level as the winners or all of the above, but also deserve a special mention.