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9th April 2014, 21:31
Due to the unexpected success of a few guitar-strumming, blandly sung, vaguely "folk" entries last year, there's been an inflation in the amount of such numbers for this year's lineup - hopefully short lived, if you ask me. Either way, while some of these songs don't fit all of the cliches of the genre - Georgia most notably, they fit well enough to be considered a category. So which one gets the support of the common folk?

9th April 2014, 21:44
I didn't realise that ::ch and ::de songs, are folk entiries. But in my opinion, the best from this group is ::ie

9th April 2014, 21:47
Gosh, this is really hard to choose. Ireland's song is the only one i'm not keen on and Switzerland's song is vocally messy.. so I shall rule those two out. The Netherlands and Malta have the two most polished pieces of folk/country.. but I find myself utterly charmed by Latvia's entry and I think Georgia has the most out there song since "Suus". Germany has infectious folk pop... AHHHH I CAN'T CHOOSE. It's between Latvia and Georgia for me anyway.

And I actually quite happen to like the little influx of folk entries..

Folk>>Cheap Dance>>>>>>>>>>>>Disney Ballads

10th April 2014, 11:15
I don't consider the Irish song as folk; for me it was hard to decide between Malta and Switzerland but I go for MALTA :) Such a nice, sweet, happy melody song!

11th April 2014, 00:33
Voted for Ireland, but I don't think Germany and, especially, Netherlands are folk songs....

I'd rather put Portugal, Poland, Slovenia and Montenegro here

11th April 2014, 10:16
Where's Poland?

11th April 2014, 17:56
Your attitude to folk entries in Eurovision disgusts me. xqueenbitch

anyway, malta for me

13th April 2014, 19:01
Where's Poland?

Exactly, where?

17th April 2014, 23:14
I use "folk" to refer to the Anglo-American, mostly guitar-based variety, Poland's entry is based on traditional Polish music which isn't considered "folk" in the English sense.

6th May 2014, 17:20
Wow, draw, really? We'll see how it goes....