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9th April 2014, 16:58
So now we know the songs for all countries this year, which of the BIG 5 countries, is your fave? Vote in the poll but have your say below! x12s

9th April 2014, 17:09
I can't decide, the only thing I know is that it's been mentioned here (http://www.escunited.com/t11652/) or here (http://www.escunited.com/t11695/).

9th April 2014, 17:14

9th April 2014, 17:21
If I knew how to delete this thread...I would! Sorry people!

9th April 2014, 17:22
If I knew how to delete this thread...I would! Sorry people!
Hey it's ok! It's just another thread. Maybe someone has change opinion and he/she will write the new here

9th April 2014, 17:31
If I knew how to delete this thread...I would! Sorry people!

No need to be sorry ;) France for me.

10th April 2014, 12:11
This year I like all of the Big Fives except of Germany. Yeah, I liked our entries the past years but this year it's not my thing.

I LOOOOOVE France!!!! Not only the best of the big five but also the second best of all Eurovision Songs! I will vote for it in the final!

10th April 2014, 13:45
France? Really...for me it's the worst of the BIG 5. I'd say UK (NOT bias just preference!), Spain, Italy, Germany..................France (bottom 3 of the contest!)

10th April 2014, 14:53
When I listened to the French song the first time I was like "what?! are they serious?!" but when the song was over I thought "wow, this is really cool and funny" and I found myself singing that tune all the time.
I also loved "Allez ola ole" back then. I'm not much into those sentimental French chansons so I love it when France comes up with a funny, faster song every now and then.

21st August 2014, 21:57
Spain !

22nd August 2014, 17:38
Italy easily had the best entry this year but even then it was sort of mediocre at best. The "big 5" have been disappointing for many years now and I believe nobody still sees them as an actual threat anymore. Historically my preference is with France though, many fantastic songs in the last century.

1st September 2014, 13:28
Tough question, but I have to say that over the past 10 years I've consistently liked Germany and Spain, (Germany more so than Spain). When France and the UK get it right, it is amazing, but when they get it wrong, boy is it awful! Italy... like some of their older stuff, but their recent comeback entries have just been ok for me.