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30th March 2014, 14:17
I dare you to make up a conversation using titles of this year's songs! Be creative!
I did it "The Simpsons style"8-)

Homer: Atention,kids! Stop running!
Bart: What's that on your face?
Homer: It's called moustache
Bart: bwahahahaha...more like "douche stash"
Homer: Y U LITTLE! Remember rule number 4: "No prejudice"
Lisa: What's up dad?
Homer: Your mother is mad at me...I was dancing in the rain,round and round... and I pretended to be a hunter of stars,she got mad and left to church...She should be coming home in about an hour.
Bart: Were you high?
Homer: No...ok,maybe...my heartbeat was faster than usual
Lisa: Oh,boy....It's a miracle that she puts up with you...what do you need us for?
Homer: I've gotta cake to bake.What kind of cake is her favorite?
Lisa: Cheesecake
Homer: Do you know where can i find matches?
Lisa: Matches?? Why?
Homer: To start a fire!
Lisa: Dad,The cake is baked in an oven.
Homer: DO'H
Bart: Too bad you're not alone....I really want to see cake on a barbecue!
Homer: What? Where?
Lisa: To the sky! It look's like it's gonna be a storm! A silent storm.
Homer: What's this?
Lisa:It's just an expression,because everything is calm after the storm.It takes three minutes to earth....
Homer: okay,okay..braniac! I didn't ask you about scientific explanation...let's go inside
Homer:mmm...this cake looks delicious! I'm gonna eat it right now!
Lisa:Is it right to eat this cake? Mom's not home yet?
Homer:Come on,just a litle...the time goes tick tock and my...
Homer:But if me and my wife really beat from the same heart,Marge will enjoy this just as much as me!
Lisa: Fine...but just one piece! And that was just an expression!
Homer:Oh,this is amazing,my world,my wild soul.. I dare you to prepare something better than this!
Marge: Hi kids! I'm home!
Homer:Marge! I'm sorry for my behavior..I made you a cake?
Marge:A cake? You know i'm on a diet! Undo this mess!
Homer: WooHoo! I can eat the whole cake!
Marge:A simple cliche love song would be enough...like "shine my marge..." what rhymes with marge???
Homer:"We're slavic girls,we know how to use your charming beauty...."
Marge:That's not a love song Homer! Besides,my reaction was jus a one night's anger! Your stupidity is one of many things i love about you.Let's go upstairs,take me! I want to be yours!
Homer: I would,but my "mini me" if you know what i mean,won't rise up!
Marge:Let me fix that. When I'm done,he'll rise like a phoenix!
Homer: And don't forget to take your pills! Three Children of the universe is enough.


12th April 2014, 20:00
Let me a try. I'll do it the South Park way of life.

Stan : This was harassing. I saw my mother fucked by an Afghan...and he was not alone !
Cartman : I fucking don't care ! I've another cake to bake !
Stan : My mother is raped and you don't care ? You're a fucking amazing douche !
Cartman : Undo your speech now ! Respect mah autoritah !
Kyle : **** you Cartman ! You have no prejudice !
Cartman : You had another one night's anger Jew ? So screw you guys, i'm coming home !
Kyle : We don't beat from the same heart fatass ! Come back here !
Stan : So, what about my mom ? Is it right that she was raped or not ?
Kyle : It would be a miracle if it was right.
Stan : Oh my god...if daddy knows about all this ****, they would separe...it would be a silent storm...
Kyle : There's always calm after the storm buddy.
Stan : No, that's worse. My mother has a wild soul, if she starts to be angry, maybe she would destroy all the things she sees.
Kenny : Mmmmmmm-mmmmmm-mmmm ( My mother is always angry about my father, and it turs out to be a total mess. So attention ! )
Kyle : Maybe she will calm down, and she will certainly find something better. And your daddy will rise like a ph - Hey !
Cartman : Jew is not okay ! So, i'm gonna eat some cheesecake...wait, wait Kyle no !
Kyle : That'll teach you bastard !
Cartman : You dare to beat me ?
Kyle : Yes i dare ! Since when i always yell at you, to say that we're all fucking children of the universe !
Stan : Stop fighting ! The clock goes tick-tock, it's already the night !
Kyle : I'll only leave when i will have killed this fatass ! Then i'll start a fire on his body !
Cartman : Yes, but i'll rise up !
Kyle : OUCH ! aaaaaaaagh...look to the sky, a light !
Kyle : Never mess again with me, or you will not hear anything of your heartbeat again !
Cartman : You'll see, i'll rise like a phoenix !
Stan : And my fucking mom ? And...oh no, there's rain. AND YOU ARE STILL DANCING IN THE RAIN !
Kyle : We don't dance, we fignt.
Stan : Oooooooh okay, maybe you will write a cliché love song...so goodbye, i'm gonna **** some slavic girls.
Kyle : You don't have a moustache Stan ! You can't do this !
Cartman : You can't either because you are jew.
Kyle : I'm gonna send you dancing round and round naked in the night bastard !
Cartman : I'm gonna become a hunter of stars ? Little jew gonna make me a hunter of stars ?
Kyle : Dancing naked is not a synonym of "hunter of stars". And i'm gonna send you dancing naked in three minutes !
Cartman : Three minutes ?
Kyle : Three minutes to Earth.
Kyle : Stop running Cartman !
Cartman : You jew don't shine at race ! You will never get me ali-ARGH !


TV Presenter : That's the new phenomenon on Internet now, a video showing a fat little boy dancing naked in the rain. It was viewed by already 2 billion people around the world...

12th April 2014, 23:52
The Simpsons is just amazing, I can envision this happening!

I don't watch South Park so my imagination won't work as good as above, but it's still good! Well done!