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12th March 2014, 22:46
This edition definitely lacked in quality, most entries were sub-standard. Although I see the musical appeal in the winning entry (Riva for Yugoslavia), I couldn't help feeling as the audience, perhaps like me, kept on waiting until the end for something really decent to come and when realizing that wouldn't be happening, proceeded to vote for the last song in protest or so :p It's a happy sounding simple little tune but no more than that. The vocalist was average at best. IMO the keyboards kinda saved the whole thing. And obviously the lack of decent direct competition. Did I mention already the couple of kids that made it to the contest this particular year? Thank God the age limitation rule was applied, those brats were annoying and spoiling it all for the grown ups.

I enjoyed the hosts, they performed their task in a sort of distinct, professional way. Mr. Wogan seemed to like them too. On the other hand the stage was pretty bleak, making the whole thing sort of unglamorous.

1- ::at Austria
2- ::ch Switzerland
3- ::pt Portugal
4- ::cy Cyprus
5- ::gr Greece
6- ::be Belgium
7- ::yu Yugoslavia
8- ::tr Turkey
9- ::uk UK
10- ::se Sweden
11- ::es Spain
12- ::de Germany
13- ::dk Denmark
14- ::it Italy
15- ::is Iceland
16- ::lu Luxembourg
17- ::fi Finland
18- ::nl Netherlands
19- ::no Norway
20- ::ie Ireland
21- ::fr France
22- ::il Israel

15th March 2014, 00:58
I've made my Top 22 a few months ago, but rather nothing have changed since then. So, this is my ranking ;)
1.::nl Netherlands
2.::at Austria
3.::it Italy
4.::ie Ireland
5.::yu Yugoslavia
6.::tr Turkey
7.::is Iceland
8.::pt Portugal
9.::uk United Kingdom
10.::gr Greece
11.::cy Cyprus
12.::ch Switzerland
13.::fr France
14.::se Sweden
15.::no Norway
16.::es Spain
17.::de Germany
18.::dk Denmark
19.::lu Luxembourg
20.::fi Finland
21.::il Israel
22.::be Belgium
BTW Edward - Very good winner :)

15th March 2014, 01:22
Hehe. Sort of weird how much he changed in only 2 years, going from that 5th place to nul points in Rome. But "Venedig im Regen" wasn't that bad imo, deserved some points and escaping last place at least.

15th March 2014, 12:56
Apart from "Nur ein Lied", I don't like 1991 song. Of course didn't deserved 0 points, but I would put it on the 21-22th place. I'm wondering what do you think about their 1990 entry? ;)

15th March 2014, 23:34
You mean Simone's "Keine Mauern mehr"? I think it was a neat entry with a catchy chorus performed by a very beautiful woman. Probably didn't do any better because the lyrics were mainly concerned with Germany's political situation at the time and the rest of Europe couldn't relate as much, although it had a wider message about peace. In my thread about the 1990 edition (feel free to post your top there too if you have made it) I've placed it higher (6th) than where it actually ended up (10th). Wonder why you ask though, enjoy it as well?

Bit of a shame that Austria hasn't send really good entries in some years now. I think that unfortunately they suffer a bit from the anti-German language stigma and end up sending songs that will mostly appeal only for them or countries with the same language/culture.

16th March 2014, 01:02
Wonder why you ask though, enjoy it as well?
I asked, because 1990 was between 1989 and 1991 and I was wondering how you compare songs, from this three years in row ;) By the way yes, I enjoy Simone's entry like Thomas's song from 1989.
I know songs from 1990, I need to make my recent Top, and will publish it in thread about edition in Zagreb ;)

2nd August 2014, 15:10

1st December 2014, 14:50
One of my favorite years, not many bad songs.

1. ::uk
2. ::se
3. ::at
4. ::fi
5. ::dk
6. ::yu
7. ::tr
8. ::de
9. ::pt
10. ::es
11. ::il
12. ::fr
13. ::nl
14. ::ie
15. ::lu
16. ::it
17. ::cy
18. ::no
19. ::be
20. ::gr
21. ::ch
22. ::is

31st May 2018, 22:14
My top 22 of 1989

::12 ::at Thomas Forstner - Nur ein Lied
::10 ::dk Birthe Kjr - Vi maler byen rd
::8 ::se Tommy Nilsson - En dag
::7 ::yu Riva - Rock Me
::6 ::uk Live Report - Why Do I Always Get It Wrong?
::5 ::es Nina - Nacida para amar
::4 ::de Nino de Angelo - Flieger
::3 ::fi Anneli Saaristo - La dolce vita
::2 ::pt Da Vinci - Conquistador
::1 ::gr Marianna Efstratiou - To diko sou asteri
11 ::lu Park Caf - Monsieur
12 ::il Gili & Galit - Derekh Hamelekh
13 ::it Anna Oxa & Fausto Leali - Avrei voluto
14 ::cy Fani Polymeri & Yiannis Savvidakis - Apopse as vrethume
15 ::no Britt Synnve Johansen - Venners nrhet
16 ::is Danel gst Haraldsson - a sem enginn sr
17 ::be Ingeborg - Door de wind
18 ::nl Justine Pelmelay - Blijf zoals je bent
19 ::ch Furbaz - Viver senza tei
20 ::ie Kiev Connolly & The Missing Passengers - The Real Me
21 ::fr Nathalie Pque - J'ai vol la vie
22 ::tr Pan - Bana Bana