View Full Version : Instrumental Songs!

15th November 2013, 15:45
I for one think that Eurovision would greatly benefit if instrumental pieces were allowed. This is obviously related to allowing live instruments. Plus, with instrumental songs, you don't have to worry about language or cheesy lyrics.

What do you all think?

15th November 2013, 18:30
"Nocturne" by Secret Garden (Norway 1995) was about the closest we've ever had to that. Funnily enough, it won that year! It was just a note, four short lines, a really long instrumental, and four more short lines at the end (followed by a few closing notes).

Even my now deceased grandmother really liked that entry that night, and she wasn't too keen on the ESC at the best of times, but she said it's a pity it didn't have a bit more singing in it.

Am I right in thinking the EBU introduced a new minimum singing content rule after the 1995 ESC, thereby disallowing future entries with a similar structure to Norway's 1995 entry (so little singing and so much instrumental)?