View Full Version : Eurovision 1964 ! Could a Danish-speaker help me ?

21st June 2013, 10:37

I currently try to write an article for Wikipedia over the Song Contest Interval Acts. But I'm stuck with 1964.

Of course, everyone knows that no video recording of the event has survived, only an audio record. But there's an another problem : the presenter, Lotte Waever, spoke almost only in Danish.

In the video above, she introduced the interval act : the ballet "Harlequinade". She displayed a few informations, but, as I can't understand Danish, I've only been able to understand two words : "Arlequin" and "Colombine".

Could a Danish-speaker help me and traduce in English what Lotte Waever is saying at the beginning and at the end ? I would be very grateful for it.

Thank yo very much by advance !