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11th June 2013, 00:28
So I went on a drunken walk at 4am this morning and found this unusual creature walking about. Very docile, about the size of a swan, but I've never seen a bird like it before. Could anyone help identify it for me?


11th June 2013, 00:51
I think it's a moorhen. Or an exotic pet that isnt found in Britain in the wild.

SOURCE: Zoology student. I once did an RSPB pub quiz.

11th June 2013, 00:56
Never mind, been informed by a uni friend it's a Muscovy duck :P

11th June 2013, 01:03
I'm a biologist myself, but we don't have that bird around here :) Really cool! Thanks for shearing :)

11th June 2013, 05:26
is this the same "duck" ? --> http://jualentog.files.wordpress.com/2011/08/entog.jpg

it's a common type of duck in Java Island,

in here, we called it "entog" and we eat it :rolleyes:

11th June 2013, 05:56
It's native to South America and Mexico apparently, so I don't know what its doing wandering around the outskirts of Derby!

11th June 2013, 09:47
Notice the claws on the flippers! Never seen that on a duck before. Something tells me this must be a kind of duck that is bred a lot, and my guess is that it has escaped from a bird farm nearby, since it's domestic and to Mexico, should we believe wikipedia.

11th June 2013, 10:01
Yeah, the claws made me a bit wary of it at first :lol: It was pretty calm though, so I dunno if it was wild...

11th June 2013, 10:16
Its head reminds a head from a turkey. That's a weird duck! :lol:

12th June 2013, 18:25
Muscovy duck (canard de barbarie in French) is reputed for having a good flesh an different than common duck. I know someone who raises muscovy ducks, hence presence in Europe ! :lol:

7th July 2013, 17:21
No no no, it's a Svensk myskanka, described by Linné 1749 in his Scanian journey (Linnés skĺnska resa). Quite popular in south Sweden these days as the only really effective weapon against the mördarsnigel (killer-snail, Spanish slug). xup

Svensk myskanka (http://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Svensk_myskanka)
Spanish slug (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spanish_slug)