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25th May 2013, 01:19
I know that beauty pageantsar absolutly unpopular in Europe and thats many eurpean don't care about it. but well i create this thread for share my passion for beauty pageants and upload there new about europeans in beauty pageants this year for promote our beauty queens and makea tribute of of ur gal in 2013.

25th May 2013, 01:23
Latvia Crowned as Miss 7 Continents

The 15th of May in Bordum, Turkey Miss Latvia Alisa Miskovskawas crowne Miss 7 Continents. 1st runner-up wa Estonia Visla Madli who formely represent in 2011 her country on the prestigious pageant organized by DonaldTrump Miss universe and the second runner-up from Romania Duca Delia Monica formely represent her country at Miss uNiverse 2012 and some other minor pageant


Final Results:
Winner: LATVIA (Alisa Miskovska)
1st Runner up: ESTONIA (Vilsar Madli)
2nd Runner up: ROMANIA (Duca Delia Monica)
3th Runner up: KYRGYZSTAN (Kliug Marina)
4th Runner up: CANADA (Tadevosyan Inessa)[/size]

20th October 2014, 12:37
Kurdistan was robbed. :( :(