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13th April 2013, 16:43
Hello my friends,
Yeah I know it's a bit strange. But I really wanna make a trip aboard.
I have my friends in UK and Germany, as part of my trip I'll visit them and stay with them. But, I wanna fly to Sweden and Norway.
If someone has some advices, if it's good idea to travel alone to Sweden or Norway, I would like you to share it with me.
I wanna travel in Late May or till 10th June (From 10th June I'll be in Germany for my last days of the trip)

Thanks :)

I want it to be as following: TLV -> UK -> Norway -> Sweden -> Germany -> TLV


13th April 2013, 22:11
I am going to be travelling alone too, in july, as I am going to ::fi ::ee ::lv ::lt :)

13th April 2013, 22:43
If someone wants to travel alone to ::mx and if youre staying on Mexico City ask me and ill help for sure :D

14th April 2013, 01:00
I've traveled alone before, it's a lot more fun than travelling in a group :D. That's like the time when I got to meet so many new people because I didn't have anyone around me. I'm more than sure you will enjoy it :D

Have a nice trip, Adir :D

14th April 2013, 02:19
While for a long time i was afraid of travelling alone.

Then one day i tried it because my friends had to leave early or couldn't tag alone. I went to ::hu, ::at,::de on one trip after my friends had to go home in Budapest then in ::ee,::lv,::lt, to visit a friend who was staying in Riga & then ::ua & ::md after a trip with friends in Romania.

I have to say it was very pleasant yet very different experience. You have to talk more to people and i'm still "friends' on internet with Americans & Ukrainians i met on this trip. I never had any trouble.

But i have a magical thing with me than some people mysteriously lack, i know how to read a city map & a metro map. And once you are able to read one, you can basically visit any countries in Europe & in the ::us & ::ca & ::ma (speaking from experience).

And i know about some very useful websites . Die Bahn, the german rail website has basically the database of all Europe (it's very good and informative and has a lot of languages on the website) , some site like Booking.com, Hostel bookers & Hostelworld help you to find cheap accomodation in the world. And all of them including the DBahn have useful free apllications for smartphones.

Countries guide are sometimes very useful, most of them have precious informations. I think the one with the word planet is very good and do Regional part instead of countries. So you will be abble to find a Western Europe one with Germany & UK and another one with all Scandinavia.

Here is a big tip, if you speak english well enough, you can go to very famous websites for bookselling and there you can find in english the guides new most of the times for half the price.

It's all depends on how you like to travel, i like to have a guide because of all the tips and informations in it. For example for Munich i was able to find cheap restaurant and accomodation, the museums free days and the opening times, what to see, how to get good opera tickets and that there is a land ticket in germany which allows you unlimited travel for one day. So i was able to spend one day in Regensburg on my route to Nuremberg without paying more than 20 euros.

So no problem, you just need to prepare a little.

I never had any trouble with anyone, people were being friendly everywhere & helpful but i need to be honest: I'm a boy, i'm gay but it's not marked on my front like others gays:lol:, i'm a catholic, i'm white. I' m not saying Europe is racist, anti-Semite, islamophobe and misogynist, at least not the extreme majority of the population but i can see which problems a girl or a black guy could have in some places that i will never experience.

14th April 2013, 07:48
Hey :) I really liked to read your comments, it sounds really great.
About the trip, I'll be alone only in Sweden and Norway.
Can someone advice me about Norway? I wanna see the fjords and don't know where to stay. I'm interested to stay there for 5 days (in Norway) :)

14th April 2013, 13:39
Also, don't forget to check out Wikitravel. They're pretty detailed and "honest" on information. I've gotten by fine with just reading their articles.

14th April 2013, 15:33
I will be travelling on my own in June ::fr and ::ch

20th April 2013, 12:27
So I decided, I'll travel to Bergen and Stockholm, 3 days each, and then for a week in Berlin (with Annika) :)