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    [IMPORTANT] Forum Staff Team Changes + Board Rules

    Hey to everyone!

    Since me (Jukica) is stepping down, I just wanted to explain my role going forward. I am not completely leaving the forum, but I am stepping down from handling the forum on day-per-day basis to more advisor / helper admin role. I will still be available for any help / support / questions and similar and also as last resort if you don't get replies regarding something from anyone. So, if you e.g. have issues with your premium and didn't get any info, you PM me.

    Also, since currently we are still working out on sorting out some stuff, support stuff regarding any necessary forum and updates is staying on me for now, so what I wrote above does not apply yet, whatever you need -> contact me until informed differently.

    Regarding updates with Staff Team and similar, you will be informed about everything in time.

    Best regards,

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    Board Rules

    1. Please avoid excessive bad language, personal attacks and racist or obscene behavior. Failure to stick to these simple rules may ultimately lead to the banning of your account or IP address from the forum. Moderators & Admins reserve the right to ban offenders from the board, temporarily or permanently, without warning. Any disciplinary action will NOT be discussed on the board or in chat.

    2. If you or another member is being insulted or you are witnessing inappropriate language used on the Forum do NOT respond in the same manner as it will look bad on you as well. You can click on the “report this post” icon and a Moderator will review it and, if required, take further actions. So don’t take matters into your own hands and let the Admins & Mods do their job.

    3. It is against the rules to criticize or offend any of our members, we're all here to have fun and nobody should be attacked or talked down to. If you have a concern regarding a member, please contact one of the Mods for assistance. This includes insulting races, religions or any group of people especially derogatory language.

    4. Discussion of Moderation or criticism of the Forum's Admins & Mods on the open board is not permitted. If you have questions such as "What happened to my post?" or "Why was I moderated?" are all legitimate questions and many cases have a sound answer but they will not be answered on the open board. Posts discussing moderator actions are also not allowed.

    5. The Forum language is English so please keep the majority of all posts in English. It is acceptable to post in a different language as long as it is just a short paragraph and a translation is provided (it doesn’t have to be word by word). People caught insulting or using inappropriate language will receive a warning and may be banned.

    6. Please avoid download linking of copyright mp3 audio and video files and rips via links such as yousendit, rapidshare, megaupload, esnips etc in any of our public forums. Artists, management or broadcasters approved linking is accepted, along with alternative links, such as youtube.
    If you post a MP3 link to a song where there is no copyright infringement, you may post these as long as you add a comment advising us that this is a legal file otherwise they will be deleted.

    7. Contibuting members are allowed and encouraged to share their websites, blogs etc. however spamming of links to other Forums or websites will not be tolerated including online contests not held on this forum. Spam posts will be removed from the Forum along and posts not posted in relevant or already existing threads will be moved for deleted.

    8. Bandwidth or database busting “braindead” threads will also be removed! So please avoid opening threads, purely for the purpose of quoting or posting dots or numbers etc, to increase post counts.

    9. We encourage everyone to use the PM feature to talk to your fellow Forum Members however the Board Rules apply here as well. Abusing the Private Messaging System will result in a warning. If you choose to ignore our warning and keep insulting or offend members you will lose the PM option on a permanent basis.

    10. Please remember that minors are visiting our forum as well so no pornographic pictures and images are allowed, everything needs to be G-Rated. This also applies to any links or videos you may post on here.

    11. Political discussions are not allowed anywhere but in the Politcial Forum. We are taking this very seriously and political posts made outside of that forum will be moved and will result in a warning and possible ban. Political discussions in the political forum need to be civilized and respectful. You are allowed to agree/disagree but derogatory comments towards any country will not be tolerated. If you don’t like politics please ignore that forum.
    This includes your avatar & signature, please don't post any political messages, slogans or pictures of politicial figures.

    12. Duplicate accounts are not allowed. We will check IP addresses on members whose behavior we find questionable.

    13. Please stick to the topic to the best of your abilities. We understand that conversations can take different turns and it's easy to lose track so we don't consider off topic as a major violation of the board rules. However, it is a Moderator's job keeping conversations and discussions on the right track so please follow their instructions if they interfere.

    14. Signature rules: Please do not use the signature feature to promote or advertise other Eurovision related websites without prior approval from the Admin team. All pictures need to be clean (g-rated) and please do not put embed YOUTUBE videos in your signature. Signatures need to be in English!

    15. You can contact any of the escforums Admin or Moderators by PM Private Message over any concerns of the abuse of the rules or for any other requests.

    16. We do NOT delete accounts!

    17. Also while these rules cover most common situations, they cannot anticipate everything. Consequently we reserve the right to take any actions we deem appropriate to ensure these forums are not disrupted or abused in any way.

    For information about the current staff team and some frequently asked questions, please check the following thread: CLICK.

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