July 21, 2018
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  • Rehearsal recap: Azerbaijan, Montenegro, Iceland

    The second round of rehearsals has started with Azerbaijan. Samra sounded very bad on the first tryout. The staging was quite nice, though being a bit dark. She was wearing a gold/beige shirt and pants. There were four backing vocals with her. Choreography got a bit better. The reaction is…

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  • Montenegro: Exclusive interview with Highway

    Today we took a time to talk with Montenegrin representatives – boy band Highway who will sing an electric modern rock song at upcoming 61st edition of Eurovision Song Contest. Although, they are very busy in these days, they manage to do an interview with us. So, here it is now.…

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  • Serhat while visit Montenegro: Eurovision is not a picnic

    Serhat, representative of San Marino in Eurovision Song Contest 2016 visited Montenegro. At the special press conference organised by RTCG, Serhat talked about his Eurovision plans and obligations, and also presented his Eurovision entry ‘I Didn’t Know’. Serhat, a singer with Turkish descent, explained how it came to cooperation between…

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  • Serbia: Flamingosi’s Marinko Madžgalj has died

    Sad news for Serbia this week as Flamingosi’s Marinko Madžgalj (right) died yesterday (26th March) at the age of just 37 from pancreatic cancer. Flamingosi, a duo of Marinko and Ognjen Amidžić became known amongst Eurovision fans in 2006 when they entered Serbia and Montenegro’s ill-fated selection for Eurovision 2006.…

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  • Montenegro: The postcard is recorded

    The representatives of Montenegro, boy band Highway have done their part in recording a postcard for their performance at Eurovision this year. As you already know, the postcards have been recorded in the home countries of the representatives, showcasing both parts of their personal and professional lives. Three to four locations in…

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  • Montenegro: X Factor crew to Eurovision

    Podgorica, Montenegro – As you already know, Montenegrin boy band Highway is chosen to represent this Balkan country at 61st edition of Eurovision Song Contest. Guys from the band are working hard in this days as they consider a great honor to fly their country name at upcoming edition of the Contest.…

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  • Montenegro: Highway release The Real Thing

    In tonight’s special TV broadcast live from Bečići, the Montenegrin pop-rock band Highway has introduced its entry ‘The Real Thing’ for the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm. The song has just been premiered and you can listen to in at the video below. “The song is quite challenging, because…

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  • TODAY: Netherlands, Romania and Montenegro

    Tonight will see two songs revealed and one semi-final, in the closing days of this year’s National Final season. With just  10 days to go until the deadline for submissions, we have a jam-packed end to the season. The Netherlands will finally reveal their entry for Stockholm. It has already been…

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  • Montenegro: Well-known names guests at song presentation

    As you already know, Highway will represent Montenegro at the 61st editon of Eurovision Song Contest. Their song ‘The Real Thing’ will be published this friday – 4th of March and it will be live broadcasted on eurovision.tv, the special show will start at 20:00 CET. So, book your time right now as they promise…

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  • Highway to perform 'Real Thing' in Stockholm

      Podgorica, Montenegro – It is official! Montenegrin representatives at Eurovision Song Contest 2016, band Highway will perform song “Real Thing” in Stockholm this year. As we later reported, well-known Montenegrin boy band Highway is doing their best in these days. After finishing 4th at XFactor Adria and second place at famous Balkan…

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