July 21, 2018
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  • What’s On This Week? 20-26 February

    No less than five songs will be chosen this week – and that’s just the start! It’s another busy weekend in Eurovision land with 11 different shows, so let us guide you through the coming seven days across the continent. ?? Friday 24th February – Moldova – O melodie pentru…

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  • Lithuania: Results of Show 7

    Quarter Final 1 of Eurovizija 2017, the Lithuanian national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest, has concluded this evening with four acts qualifying to the Semi-Final on 4th March. In tonight’s show, 8 of the 16 Eurovision hopefuls who qualified from the heats of the two previous weeks sang to impress both the jury and people…

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  • Lithuania: Results of Heat 6

    Show 6 of Eurovizija 2017, the Lithuanian national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest, has concluded this evening with further acts qualifying to the next stage of the competition. Tonight we saw 12 acts, where 8 performing artists moved forward to the next stage of competition. Results: Draw Artist Song…

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  • TONIGHT: A busy Saturday for Eurovision!

    Are you sitting comfortably? Then tonight we will begin… no less than SEVEN Eurovision selection shows are taking place tonight, and we will be here to cover every inch! Here’s a quick guide to plan your evening; ?? Ukraine – Vidbir 2017 Show 2 – 17:00 CET ?? Hungary –…

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  • What’s on this week? 6-12 February

    Eurovision season is warming-up. This week has just begun and it is filled with plenty of shows! Thursday 9th February – Germany – Unser Song 2017 Unser Song 2017 will be held this week on 9th of February! The list of five contestants  was revealed by NDR, but it is not Germany without…

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  • Results in from Lithuania

    The fifth show of the Lithuanian national selection for 2017 has ended and we have the results! The 12 songs taking part tonight were: Paula Valentaitė – Never Let You Go Golden Monkeys – Septyni dievai Sasha Song – Never Felt Like This Before Benas Malakauskas – Rolling Otreya –…

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  • What’s On Tonight?

    So February is here which means only one thing.. The National Final season is in full swing. Tonight we have four countries broadcasting their national selection shows; Hungary, Sweden, Lithuania and Ukraine.   Hungary – A Dal Heat 3 – Watch Live HERE at 7:30pm (CET) Pápai Joci – Origo…

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  • What’s on this week? 30 Jan-5 Feb

    Are your weekends slowly being consumed by Eurovision? Can you not get through the week without bursting into Euro-song? Is your normal music playlist becoming saturated with cheesy pop and power ballads? Are you sick of it yet? No? Good, because it’s about to get a whole lot more hectic!…

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  • TONIGHT: Hungary and Lithuania continue search

    There’s also other Eurovision shows besides Finland tonight, as A Dal resumes its run and Lithuania continue their search for their latest Eurovision star. So what else is in store tonight, Eurovision fans? Hungary – A Dal Heat 2 – 20:30 CET Following the postponement of A Dal last weekend,…

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  • What’s On This Week? January 23-29

    You can always tell when the Eurovision season is really motoring along as the shows begin to come so thick and fast that you can’t keep up! Luckily we at escYOUnited won’t leave you lost in the dark, and we’ve put together this handy guide for your next seven days…

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