July 21, 2018
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  • Lithuania: Two participants criticize selection

    The Lithuanian national final format continues to be brought into question this week as it has emerged Vaidas Baumila and Edgaras Lubys were made to sing each other’s songs as part of the upcoming fourth show this weekend. Both Baumila and Lubys were critical of the decision as well as…

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  • Lithuania: Milita Daikeryte leaving competition

    Milita Daikeryte is withdrawing Vaiku Eurovizija, the Lithuanian National Final. This is due to some major vocal problems and therefore the artist is unable to continue her journey on the never-ending selection process in her country. It is definitely a disappointing situation for the singer who made it all the…

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  • Lithuania: 11 Songs online

    Which song will represent Lithuania in 2015 Eurovision Song Contest? The Internet users will decide this in Lithuania. 11 songs are available and on Saturday you’ll be able to get a taste of them during the third show as part of the never-ending selection process Eurovizijos. Check them out and let us…

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  • Tonight: Lithuania kicks off Eurovizija!

    Tonight will see the first Eurovision show of the new year taking place in Lithuania as the national broadcaster LRT kicks off Eurovizija, or to give it it’s full name “Eurovizijos dainų konkurso nacionalinė atranka”. Much like the full name of the competition the Lithuanian national selections will be one…

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  • 39 countries represented in Eurovision 2015

    The EBU has confirmed that 39 countries will be represented at the Eurovision Song Contest 2015, hosted between 19-23 May in Vienna, Austria. The number is two up on last year, representing the first increase in participation since Germany’s hosting in 2011. Amongst the participants is a surprising return from…

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  • Lithuania: 12 Participants Announced

    Today it has been announced by the Lithuanian National Broadcaster, LRT, that the 12 acts selected for the 2015 Eurovizija have been selected. The 12 acts will embark on a long journey in order to gain the Lithuanian ticket to Vienna. The 12 acts are: Milita Daikerytė Liepa Mondeikaitė Jurgis…

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  • Lithuania’s 10 Week National Final

    Just as last year, Lithuania will embark on a long process to select their song and representative for the Eurovision Song Contest. The selection process will last for 10 weeks, involving an introduction show to allow viewers to become familiar with the acts, followed by a number of weeks of…

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  • Lithuania is back with elaborate Selection process

    The Lithuanian broadcaster LRT announced the 2015 selection process to find a representative for the Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna, Austria. Ultimately they decided to stick with the same system used in 2014 which was considered long and rather complicated. However, the shows enjoyed high viewing figures so from a…

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  • Live from Copenhagen: Interview with Vilija Mataciunaite (Lithuania)

    The talented Vilija Mataciunaite talked to Olivia from ESC United after wrapping up her first rehearsal. They talked about the song, choreography and many other things. Check it out and don’t forget to follow the conversation HERE where you can share your thoughts with hundreds of Eurovision fans. [vsw id=”PqkUYcZKb34″…

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  • Lithuania: Vilija To Copenhagen

    After 12 shows and a number of eliminations, songs and acts, plus a disqualification, tonight Lithuania have decided. Last week it was announced that ‘Attention’ will be the song representing Lithuania in Copenhagen in May, and tonight the act was to be selected. After an evening of the participants performing their…

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