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Germany’s Head of Entertainment critical of the Russian singer’s ban

Another broadcaster has spoken up about Yulia Samoilova’s ban from Ukraine. Yesterday, we reported on Denmark and San Marino making statements regarding the situation. The Head of Entertainment for the German broadcaster ARD Thomas Schreiber said the following: “The Russian Broadcaster knew too well who they had chosen, and the Ukrainian authorities knew just as well what they were doing. This is a …

Scandalous Selections Part 2: How DO You Do A National Final?

This editorial is written from the opinion of the author and does not represent the views of the other editors, the EBU or escYOUnited as a whole. In my previous article, I discussed how Sweden, Slovenia and Spain managed to select songs which were far from being the televoters’ favourites despite there being nominal 50% jury/50% televote voting systems. What …

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