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Kosovo: EBU play down chances of debut

  The hopes for a Kosovan debut in Lisbon have been dashed today with the release of a statement from the national broadcaster, RTK, echoing the sentiments of EBU releases in recent days. The Kosovan broadcaster has confirmed that the Balkan territory will not be making their Eurovision bow in Portugal, in a lengthy and fiery statement released today. Mentor …

China: EBU declines potential new guest

China’s delegation from the broadcaster Hunan TV, who were present in Vienna, gave an interview to Wiwibloggs showing intent of sending a Chinese artist to Eurovision one day. Since this revelation our forum and the rest of the Eurovision fanbase have been polarised on opinion – would China become the next extra-European guest in our favourite contest? Well, the EBU …

Tunisia, Morocco, Kazakhstan and Kosovo to attend Vienna?

This news may be quite interesting for fans – it seems that four countries might send delegations to Vienna to observe proceedings of Eurovision 2015, perhaps with a view of joining the contest. Tunisia, Morocco, Kazakhstan and Kosovo are the four delegations identified as attending the contest in Vienna, according to former Sanmarinese commentator and spokesperson John Kennedy O’Connor. Morocco …



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