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Aleksa releases new single

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Eurofans first met Aleksa Jelić in 2007 when he participated at Serbian national selection Beovizija. He also participated in national finals in 2008 and 2015 endind as runner up. Aleksa also participated in Dancing with the stars and Your face sounds familiar and as he says he would like to take part in another show, but music and dance must play big role there as they’re his two favorite things.

Just couple days ago he released new single Još uvek lutam (Still wandering around) as a prelude to his new album.
Aleksa said about the song that it is a beatuful ballad, full of emotions that will not make you drop on your knees and cry, but to fall in love and find your luck and inner peace.

On the other side he also mentioned that he feels abused and shocked how he got a song for this years Serbian NF that was previously published seven years ago. That song couldn’t participate at national final and of course not on Eurovision. But he also said that he has moved on as he does not look in the past, but in the future.

Here you can also see some picture from shooting of the video for his new song, where other roles had young actress Anja Alač and his dog Roko and of course the video for Još uvek lutam.




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