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Americans reacting to Eurovision 2017 songs

The Eurovision Song Contest is celebrated all across the European continent (plus Australia) and brings joy to a lot of people. But not that many Americans know about this fantastic spectacle. The popular YouTube channel FBE (Fine Brothers Entertainment) did another video with Adult Americans watching the contest sharing their thoughts. They previously released a similar video last year when several younger folks watched the contest not knowing anything (or much) about it.

This year, another batch of clueless Americans was asked to watch the songs that finished in the Top 5 this past Saturday, share their thoughts and give a score between Five and One. In addition, they also watched a montage of several other entries from an American perspective. They were also asked the all important question: Should the United States take part in the contest? Watch the video and listen to their comments and let us know what your thoughts are. Don’t forget to join our community HERE and talk to thousands of fans from all across the Globe.


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