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ESC United Team and Readers’ Final Predictions for Semi-Final 2

After an exciting reveal of Semi-Final 1 qualifiers on Tuesday, we are back for Semi-Final 2 tonight!

The ESC United team here in Kyiv has provided their individual predictions ranked from 1 to 18.  Some of us were happy with our initial predictions while others made slight tweaks. We then compiled our predictions to make one team prediction.  DISCLAIMER: These are our predictions!!! This does not reflect our personal taste or represents the team of ESC United.

We then asked you, our readers, to provide your votes for your favorites in our poll.  In true Eurovision style, we took your poll votes, ranked them from 1 to 18, and combined them with our team prediction to create a final overall prediction (50% from our team prediction, 50% from your poll votes).  To avoid another Spain National Final debacle, we have put tie-breakers in the hands of you, the readers.


We unanimously predict that Bulgaria will win Semi-Final 2.

However, early favorite FYR Macedonia has had a fall from grace.  Only two team members believe they will qualify, but overall as a team, we believe it will finish 12th.  All is not over though, as we FYR Macedonia may nonetheless qualify despite shaky rehearsals, as Belgium did on Tuesday night.

Although Lithuania is predicted by 5 of us to finish last, as a team we believe it will finish last. However, many of us believe that any one of the 8 non-qualifiers can definitely sneak in depending on how the jurors and televoters assess the performances.  It is so hard to call!


Our readers agreed with us that Bulgaria will win Semi-Final 2.  However, they have much more faith in Croatia than we do.  Let’s not forget that on Tuesday, whereas we predicted 8/10 correct, the readers predicted 9/10 correct. They may be seeing something that we are not with the Croatian entry this year.


Given our methodology, our team support for Norway and the reader support for Croatia have them taking the last two spots in the semi-final.  We agree that alongside these two, Bulgaria, The Netherlands, Estonia, Romania, Israel, Austria, Denmark, and Hungary will qualify.


This is a very tough semi-final to predict. Anything can happen!

What do you think?  Let us know on the forums!

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