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Update: Kiev stage begins to take shape

As the clock ticks down to another long awaited Eurovision, the excitement in the International Exhibition Centre in eastern Kiev is building, as the stage and it’s rigging continues to be built.

Construction on the backdrop for this year’s show began last Thursday and in that short space of time the uniquely designed stage is starting to take shape in the large conference hall, with the added confirmation that the LED backdrop for the stage will be almost on a par with Moscow’s and certainly the largest since Copenhagen.

Updates continue to drip-feed in from Yuriy Andrushchenko, a leading figure in the Ukrainian event staging company Feyeria, and you can see that the stage is taking shape at a fast rate in the Ukrainian capital.

The stage is expected to be completed on April 20th when technical rehearsals will begin. The first staged rehearsals of this year’s entries will take place on Monday 1st May.

Are #YOU excited by the stage? Share your thoughts on the progress with us!

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