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Turkvision – Turkey launches new contest

As previously reported HERE, Turkey will most likely not return to the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest citing dissatisfaction with the jury system as well as the existence of the Big 5.

The Turkish broadcaster officially launched “Turkvision”  (Türkvızyon) on September 21st, 2013, it is branded as a music contest for Eurasian countries. The signing ceremony was attended by Ell & Nikki who won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2011 for Azerbaijan with their entry “Running Scared”.

The concept is similar to the European version with countries competing in a contest style, with Semis and an actual Final and proper Results & Ranking.

However Education Minister Nabi Avcı is is stressing the point that Turkvision is NOT an alternative to ESC and that it would be part Turkic world cultural capital event.
“Turkvision does not need to be compared to Eurovision. It will have its place in the Turkic world with its own brand value. Whether we participate or not in Eurovision, I hope that Turkvision will move forward in its own path, growing and expanding year-by-year,”


He continued  saying that “This project is part of the Turkic world cultural capital event. Hopefully, the next towns selected as the ‘cultural capitals’ “.

20 countries as well as autonomic regions populated with Turkic minorities will take part in the contest hoested on an annual basis.

The Semi Finals will take place between December 19th and 21st with the Final show scheduled for Dec 23rd. Out of the 20 participating countries/regions only twelve will move on to the Finals. The cultural capital flag is carried this year by Eskişehir.

Azerbaijan has already revealed that Tunzala Agayeva will participate in the “Turkvision – 2013” Song Contest in Turkey for them.

Despite Avcı’s statement, many observers and fans see this as a protest against the European version which has become the biggest non sporting event in the world.

This show should not be confused with “Türkçevızyon

So what do you think, it this a smart idea or will this hurt the contest that has become such a big part of many people’s lives? Share your thoughts below and join the conversation on our Forum.

Born in Germany, I moved to the United States in 2001 to work at Disney World. My first contact with Eurovision was in 1998 when I randomly joined my friends while staying in Hannover who were on their way to a “Schlager” party. As it turned out it was a live broadcast of the contest to support Guild Horn, the German representative that year. But it wasn’t until 2002, the first year I had to watch the show online from the U.S., that I became obsessed with the contest. In 2007 I started getting involved in the ESC online community and became the Admin of the forum that is still going strong here on ESC UNITED in 2009. I attended the Eurovision Song contest live for the first time in 2011 when my home country won and enjoyed every minute of it. My degree is in Business Communication and I currently work for an Insurance Company in Los Angeles, California. In early 2013 ESCFORUMS & OGAE Rest of the World joined forces and became ESC UNITED and I became a Chief Editor responsible for the Northern Hemisphere. My goal is to spread the Eurovison love around the globe as there are fans not just in Europe but in almost every country. Some of my other hobbies include Video games, jogging, Squash, Volleyball and travelling. I also enjoy charity work and help those that are less fortunate in life spending time at homeless shelters serving food and provide entertainment. My motto in life is “Live and let live”.

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One Comment

  1. Roy van der Merwe

    September 23, 2013 at 07:59

    It will not harm EUROVISION because it is much smaller. And Turkey may probably win it year after year


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